We use mobile devices these days for just about everything, from casual entertainment and communication, to conducting business and accessing important data and information. And, while the convenience and flexibility of our increasingly mobile world are invaluable, they also offer more security risks for us to be mindful of.

Accessing and storing important data (passwords, addresses, bank account information, etc.) on our smartphones and tablets opens us up to a number of serious security risks. So with that in mind, here are five tips on how Apple users specifically can protect data on iPhones and iPad devices.

Use A Complex Device Password

Using your phone or tablet’s passcode feature is simple enough – you simply check into your security features in the “Settings” menu and set up a 4-digit passcode. However, if you would prefer something a bit more complex than a 4-digit code, you actually have another option. Check out this video for a few simple steps to enabling a longer passcode that will give you more security for basic access to your devices.

Keep The Software Updated

This is a simple tip, but one that is often overlooked. As mentioned on a Mac Security Blog, it is important to conduct software updates whenever they’re available, because out-of-date software is more easily exploited by hackers and thieves.

Backup Data Regularly

Your method of backup may fall in any number of different areas. For some, it simply means syncing your phone to your computer once a week or so to make sure that all of your important data is backed up on the computer. For others, it might mean downloading Sharefile for advanced cloud storage and secure file transfer methods that allow the easy and secure backup of data. This depends on personal preference, but general backup is vital, as a mobile device can be compromised at any time.

Use Webroot SecureWeb

This is a handy app (download here) that offers a great deal of web browsing security for your iPhone. Basically, the app analyzes your web activity, blocking insecure sites and filtering your search results to keep your phone safe from malicious sites and web content.

Use Find My iPhone

This is another fairly basic feature that often gets overlooked. Android devices and other competitors have numerous apps designed to locate and wipe lost phones – but for Apple users, the Find My iPhone app is included for free, and can be set up in store before you even take your device home. The device simply allows you to locate your phone remotely (through your computer) if it is lost or stolen, and then allows you to lock or wipe all data.


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