7 Essential Apps Every Senior Should Have

With over a million apps in the App Store, picking the right app for you can be overwhelming, especially for an older crowd. Snapchat, Angry Birds, Tinder – they all seem to be catered for a younger generation. But here are some apps that are designed specifically with you in mind and are must-haves for any senior’s phone.

1) Easy Facebook for Seniors

Are you getting a Facebook profile because your kids and grandkids are on it? Facebook may be one of the most cluttered and hardest apps to understand. With so many features, it can be hard to use if you simply just want to stay in touch with your friends and family. Easy Facebook for Seniors is a cleaner, less complex version of the regular Facebook app that allows older adults to navigate the app with ease. You can easily look at the family pictures your granddaughter posted, or send an “I love you” post to your son.

2) Red Panic Button

One out of every four seniors falls every year. With the Red Panic button, you can send an alert to the right people in the case of an accident or any other emergency. The app sends an SMS with your GPS-location to your emergency contact list. It also integrates Twitter and can send a photo and video messages.

3) Lumosity Brain Trainer

Studies show seniors that keep their minds challenged and their brains active alleviate the risk for Alzheimer’s Disease. Lumosity can help you exercise your brain by offering 35 daily training sessions made up of seven different brain games. These games test your cognitive abilities, attention, problem-solving skills, and memory.

4) Magnifying Glass with Light

This free app helps people who may have trouble reading a menu or the bill at a restaurant. It becomes a magnifying glass to make the small words became more visible and even comes with a light to further increase visual enhancement.

5) Nextdoor

Retiring doesn’t mean you’re done making money. NextDoor can help seniors sell online items to those nearby without the hassle of shipping costs. Simply post pictures of what you want to sell and your neighbors can respond with their interest. It is a great place to start a small business and also a great way to meet your neighbors.

6) Stitch

Everyone needs companionship. If you’re over the age of 50, Stitch is the perfect app to find companions based on shared interests. You can find a friend to go with you to a local event or a travel companion for that trip you’ve always wanted to take.

7) Pillboxie

Not only are apps overwhelming, but medications can also be equally or more confusing. Pillboxie reminds you to take your medication at pre-scheduled times. You can customize your medication by colors and easily organize your schedule.

With older adults in mind, these seven apps can help you navigate a fast-paced tech world. They will make your life easier and give you more time and energy to enjoy the things you love.

Image courtesy: Jérôme Choain


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