IBM – Drive The Future Of Cloud Computing

Ever since 2007, IBM has been trying to push cloud computing as the next big thing in the technology world. At that time, they wanted to store large amounts of data in a single place, all in order to make accessing data a lot faster and more efficient. But you do have to wonder, how is IBM offering the cloud computing technology and can we even reach some incredible results for the longer term?

Let’s get an overview through this first write-up from the IBM Cloud series I’ll be presenting over the next few months.

IBM Cloud Adoption Philosophy

At its core, IBM sees the cloud as a computing architecture for the organizations in order to manage their data & to improve the public services reliably offered by the companies.

The IBM cloud services are diverse, and they are designed for enterprises as well as professionals that want to boost the efficiency of their companies & customers. The AI is at its core with the IBM’s readily available client ecosystem.

In order to make this work, IBM is doing all in its power to seamlessly combine the cloud-specific services with some of the best middleware tools for the cloud. This includes things like tools for compliance, security, databases, and networking. The focus here is to make sure that the cloud integration is performed smoothly and in a proper manner.

The great thing to note about IBM is that they also deliver cloud as a managed service. This means you get to have seamless integration into public and private cloud services with a secure, scalable & flexible infrastructure to help expand your company to new heights!

The company has, probably the world’s only, Private infrastructure provisioning based on its world-class choices that can be performed on-site for the customers.

Infrastructure & offerings

I feel, with its vast offerings, it’s very important for IBM to stand out as competitors like Azure or Amazon Cloud, are also a wonderful options. IBM is offering very good virtualization options including the built-in support.

An application infrastructure named IBM Websphere which will help you in rapidly moving, & deploying on-site WebSphere applications onto the cloud in minutes.

On IBM Bluemix Virtual Servers, you can deploy virtual servers on public or private nodes for scaling up quickly whereas, with the IBM Bluemix, you can create, deploy & manage your apps on the cloud.

Using the IBM API Connect, we can quickly design, secure, publish & manage our APIs, while on the IBM Mobile Foundation we can safely build the mobile apps through any front-end framework.

IBM also has dedicated tools that help with cloud-based collaboration, testing, and development, B2B integration, analytics, and security.

IBM is also focusing on the hybrid cloud services as the means to handle demands and improve services. Their technologies such as IBM Watson and the IBM Bluemix are providing a leading edge over the competition. The cognitive computing and services allow us solving a plenty of business challenges using the technology.

Most of the IBM cloud services do come with a free tier. You just have to apply on their dedicated marketplace for a trial. You can start using them without the need to add any credit card details. You pay as you go once you get over the trial period & beyond the free tier usage. IBM provides 42+ edge locations, including the one in Chennai, India.

You can easily drive the business process development throughout your entire company, via the IBM Bluemix services, and you can study big data in order to acquire relevant information from your audience.

With IBM cloud services, you own the data, and you can also harness it as fast as possible. Plus, this is a multi-cloud, so you get to select what works for you and optimize everything to reach the very best results as fast as you can.

Aside from that, IBM has also expanded its IoT presence via adding $3 billion as an investment for the IoT unit in the company. IBM is known to have a massive portfolio, and this allows it to offer a complete set of cloud computing solutions for all types of clients.

The cloud storage segment is one of the most profitable sectors of the company, in fact, it was 32% of the revenue margin in Q4 2015. The company has also acquired $2 billion in security service sales.

IBM is actively becoming a better, more accessible and more powerful solutions provider across the globe. They’ve so much to offer, at times, I was lost just browsing through their website.

The possibilities offered by them are limitless, and the company is constantly investing in the cloud computing sector. As a developer, I believe this is one of the vast services providers on the market for the cloud computing, where the results always shine. Please write in the comment if you’ve any specific questions on the IBM Cloud & I will try my best to answer them. More to come.


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