Adobe Creative Cloud: New Features Released During MAX Conference

Since the launch of Creative Cloud, Adobe is trying their best to push new technologies, as opportunities, for the creative community around the world, so to enable them work in more ways than ever. The set of new Adobe Creative Cloud features are released within 3 months from the date of announcement.

Adobe MAX is the creativity conference for the creative community, where they come together for sharing ideas, to learn from each other & get inspired.  This helps spread fast-paced innovations to the large design community so that; touch computing, creative imaging, new input models & animations can be integrated into the ever-changing work flow.

The new Adobe Creative Cloud features include:

  • New seamless connectivity between Creative Cloud desktop tools & the new family of mobile apps such as; Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom & Premier Pro. This will help improve productivity by bringing mobile devices into the mainstream lineup.
  • A whole new bunch of “Capture” apps to create designs & put them into the workflow. For e.g. Adobe Brush, Adobe Shape & Adobe Color CC (Creative Cloud)
  • Touch support for Windows 8 devices for key design applications
  • 3D printing features
  • Enhancements in Mercury Graphics Engine to give performance improvements to Photoshop CC
  • Interactive EPUB support for InDesign CC
  • Creative Talent Search for connecting designers around the world, with job opportunities from top brands & companies.
  • New Creative SDK beta version to help speed up development of mobile apps to connect with the Adobe Creative Cloud tools.
  • A growing library of beautifully designed content from the community with better integration with desktop & mobile apps.
  • Integrated Assets layer, with this new cloud library, for easy flow between desktop, mobile apps & community.

new Adobe Creative Cloud features

Adobe said, their sole focus is to offer the needed tools & services under Creative Cloud platform to enable it’s members design for the future; because despite the staggering growth in technology & making it available – it’s the creative mind behind these, matters the most.

Are you using the it already? Do let us know which one is the most favorite of the new Adobe Creative Cloud features & why. We would love to hear from you.


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