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When it comes to India, finding real estate properties for rent, sale or lease is almost a tough & time-consuming task, as you have to follow a number of steps, such as contacting a broker in desired area, test your patience until he / she finds the best (well, that’s what they say) deal, negotiating if possible and finally processing the payment to buy, rent or lease that property. Now, however, after the dawn of — the all-new way of house hunting — and its smartphone applications, we are able to remove tough label of this task. It has to be noted that, along with a simple yet powerful site, Smartphone applications let you engage in house-hunting process regardless, where you are or your surroundings. offers dedicated applications for devices running on both Android & iOS. In this post, however, we will have a full-fledged review of for iOS so that you can understand how it is to use this application for house hunting, especially when you are travelling. Suppose you are travelling to Kolkata to pursue your dream job and want to find flats in Kolkata, you can do so in a few seconds or minutes when you do use for iOS. First, we hope we need an introduction to both and iOS app and then will explore different aspects of the app in a user-based perspective. website & for iOS app

As we mentioned earlier, is one of the innovative, effective and all-new ways of finding dream home of yours in a few seconds, instead of all those messing-up steps. In a simple way, we can say that is a fully fledged database of real estate property deals, including flats, houses, lands, hotels & Paying Guest facilities that are available for sale, rent or lease. for Android, however, is a shrunk version of the platform that is made to suit your iPhone or iPad, despite the fact that it does not need you to compromise on quality. In another way, we can say that for iOS lets you explore real estate properties in such a way that you’ll understand even minute details and other aspects of a real estate listing. To understand things better and know how this iOS app is different from other methods, we shall have a look on noticeable features of for iOS.

Real Listings, Photos

You might be familiar with a number of real estate property-listing websites in World Wide Web. The major reason that is distinguishing for iOS from those sites is authenticity of listings. There is ‘Verified’ badge you can see in most of listings. The particular badge means that every single detail that has been provided about that listing is true, as team of has visited the property and confirmed them. The team will also make sure that those listings are using original photographs. In other words, when you are using to know about a real estate property, you can be sure of its credibility. For iPhone — Turn Your iOS Device Into A House Hunter

Simple, Sense-Making User Interface

In each section of for iOS App, developers have tried their best to simplify the user interface. You’ll be able to understand this power of simplicity from the very next second you start finding your desired home using this application. For instance, you have to options to view results in this app — Grid-based view and map-based view. In addition, a number of features of have made their presence of this application as well. Similarly, if you want to create a list of best listings, the short listing feature of will be something great.

Filters and Ratings from Data Sciences Lab

When it comes to finding the best home for you, filters and ratings are something essential. Understanding this fact, for iOS makes complete use of its Data Sciences Lab. On one hand, impressive filters of app helps you find real estate properties that suit your convenience and requirements, and you will have to just tick things you need. On the other hand, also brings different kind of ratings to really understand that flat, house or land. You can check out society rating, locality rating etc. If they can satisfy you, do not think twice but just contact the property owner using the given link.


Considering all these factors, particularly the ones we noticed, for iOS is something great for each user, who is trying to find the best home. Yet, we would like to know your opinion about this free application.


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