Couple of days ago, Apple released much enhanced version of iTunes 11 and as a part of localizing their iTunes Store – it’s Music and Movie channels are now made available in multiple countries such as India, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Ukraine.

Apple had already started showing iTunes App prices in Indian Rupees and now, also for the Music and Movie channels.

It’s been really long for Apple fans from all these countries waiting for localized content and surprising why was it taking so long! None the less, the wait is now over …

Apple iTunes Music and Movies Store is now available in India.

Already all the popular movie titles and music albums around the world and from local are available on iTunes Store for purchase as well as for rental in these new countries, making sure to glue users before it’s too late.

Many countries are still waiting to see extended localized content to be available from growing Google Play Store and hence, making iTunes Store content available before Google – Apple is looking to be geared up stronger than before.

If you have Apple TV at home then you can get all these new features right on your television. Well, things are changing around… aren’t they?

iTunes Movies in India rental prices and purchase prices for HD movies and SD movies.

I think it’s a great move considering NetFlix is all set to hit India anytime sooner.. And I hope Apple don’t delay such decisions in these countries like this one.

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