Starting from today the March 7, 2012 – Google unveiled a large-scale marketplace for its users including mainly Android device owners, bringing Android apps & games under the domain roof of Google instead of

Though from a surface it looks more like the Android market, it’s core concept is very close to what Apple did long back with the iTunes Store.

Google Play is now an online store for various offerings including Android apps, games, music, movies and books with cloud technology hence we can get access to all of our content from any device from Phone to TV.

All the content, purchases from Google Music, Google eBooks will be available under Google Play Store from today itself including – the change in Android Market address, logo etc. However, it will take next few days to see Google Play logo & app on mobile devices instead of Android Market.

Google Play Store is available globally but not all its services are yet available to every country & any such earlier policies are still applicable in few countries.

So, which content is not available in your country?

  • Paid Android Apps are available in 129 countries. See the list of countries 
  • Google Play Movies service is available in US, UK, Japan and Canada
  • Google Play eBooks service is available in US, UK, Australia, Canada and INDIA (see update below)
  • Google Play Music service is available only in US

So, if you have any music or books including purchases will be available under Google Play and you can also contact Google Play in case of any issues.

As expected, Google Play is connected with Google+ – making it further easy to share what you love to Play. As a part of Google Play Music, we can continue to automatically store music library online, tell friends on Google+ what you’re listening to right now or let them listen to your songs for Free!

Google Play Store: Android Apps, Games, Music, Movies & Books Under One Roof

Android Market app should get updated to Google Play Store app on Android device. But, if it doesn’t & you’re facing any issues then here are the steps to update Google Play app

All said and done, Google Play marketplace is very slow and is as slow as the Android Market (and so as the iTunes Store). The first thing I checked was if something has really improved in terms of browsing experience… but, I couldn’t mark any difference, which was a kind of disappointment.

Anyway, let’s Play for sometime and see how things go! Thanks Google for bringing all in to one place… 🙂

Update: Google Books now available in India

In a recent update, Google now has officially launched its Books section on Play Store for Indian consumers. This is definitely a very good move & a pleasant surprise for book lovers. Now, Indian readers can take advantage of Google Books which is not limited to Android devices but is also made available to iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touches to buy, download and read eBooks.

Intro Video

R.I.P. Android Market!


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