As we saw earlier Samsung Mobile recently launched a Note-2 Incredible Art-Piece’s Guinness World Record attempt… seeking their creative fans to showcase creative arts being a contributor.

The good news is, this attempt has already secured more than 100 thousand contributors towards the project and the last milestone to set a new world record is 201,948.

Samsung’s “Incredible Art-Piece World Record” Attempt Crosses Milestone Of 100 Thousand Contributors

As I write this – the number is precisely 117,229 successful contributors. Seems like, Samsung fans have responded with a great excitement and passion… That’s already more than 50% of the target which is a great achievement in short time, isn’t it? 

Samsung is also issuing a digital certificate to every contributor with an impression of the art submitted.

Please note that, this attempt will accept total number of submissions based on unique email addresses used for the registration.

Not just that, the top chose contributors also stand to win Galaxy Note 2 as a prize… So, if you haven’t contributed yet then, you can do so by visiting their Incredible Art-Piece website here.


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