It is not a funny post at all but, it may sound funny due to how Facebook is treating these latest happenings. Recently, many popular pages of well-known websites and tech blogs on Facebook are getting disappeared. Redmond Pie is one of these latest victims of this fraud. The most disappointing fact is that Facebook isn’t taking these matters as seriously as they should!

What is this all about?

Everyone is looking for good, useful, rich content on the Internet. Social networking websites like Facebook offered quick updates on rich content across the Internet by allowing users to subscribe. Create pages, groups and more.

Everything was going on smoothly until few days back. Popular pages, groups with thousands of fans, members were taken down offline, one after the other by Facebook on the basis of copyright / trademark infringement emails received by them. This also includes Facebook pages of well-known tech blog Redmond Pie. They have faced this situation twice, and Facebook seems like not reciprocating in a fruitful manner.

This is the notice Redmond Pie received from Facebook

We have removed or disabled access to the following content that you have posted on Facebook because we received a notice from a third-party that the content infringes or otherwise violates their rights:

[Page: Redmond Pie]

We strongly encourage you to review the content you have posted to Facebook to make sure that you have not posted any other infringing content, as it is our policy to terminate the accounts of repeat infringers when appropriate.

Facebook suggested to contact and reach to a mutual understanding with a party that complained about the page.

What is wrong with it?

There is nothing wrong with it if Facebook had made any attempts to verify the complaint. Facebook liked to follow their terms and policies over the truthfulness of the complaint. They have taken actions against complaints from wrong email addresses that are otherwise invalid regarding the said matter. (Something similar to the wrong number phone calls may be.) This is the only form a complaint needs to file.

Luckily – after many attempts, Redmond Pie managed to find the email ID owner and got their Facebook page restored back twice.

In our case, the reporter was slightly noobish since he randomly filled the email address field. If someone files the complaint using a fake email address which he has access to, the restoration is next to impossible.

Popular tech website neowin and music site KoolMuzone are also facing the same issues.

The Loss

It’s not just about the lost fan base, but also loss of time, efforts and much more than that. Some things cannot be measured within scientific units. And that was not enough, this is what now shaping up on Facebook as mentioned on Redmond Pie website.

Not only did we lose our fan base of over 74,000 tech fanatics, we have also lost reputation of our brand. Soon after Redmond Pie’s Facebook page was disabled on fake trademark claims, the impersonating party created a new page and promised “top 10” people who suggest this page to their friends “free iPads”.

BREAKING: Anyone Can Make Facebook Work to Take Down Pages, Groups!

BREAKING: Anyone Can Make Facebook Work to Take Down Pages, Groups!

Points To Raise

  1. Why did Facebook allow a third-party email to file a claim against trademark infringement if that email address or member did not exist on Facebook?
  2. What verification methods does Facebook have if someone file a complaint using fake email ID?
  3. If the Facebook is being used worldwide by millions of users and companies registered with different laws of different countries, then that are the verification methods will they follow to reach to a conclusion?
  4. If Facebook is displaying adverts on Pages, Groups etc, why can’t they initiate themselves in resolving the issues? It then puts equal responsibility on Facebook to defend its users who are providing Facebook with an extra space to earn money.
  5. Why did Facebook not send a 30 day notice before terminating any pages? Even if Facebook thinks they would not tolerate activities against policies, they should have made sure to notify thousands and millions of their users who are also subscribed to these pages or groups. (This shows that Facebook cares or thinks for nobody)
  6. Will Facebook continue doing work that is ordered by such emails?
  7. Why Facebook does not have a solid platform to tackle such matters?
  8. Why Facebook does not have a valid restoration process?
  9. Will Facebook delete information, addresses, photos and videos of X person just because you sent them an email claiming his name is X?
  10. This is a serious issue and I request you to read it carefully and act wisely by spreading word about it. Facebook should now wake up to this and respond to the justified system to handle such issues in future. Answers to the above questions are very important in this regard.

Remember – If it wasn’t you today, tomorrow it could be you (the victim)


Update #1: TiPb Facebook page is now restored.

Update #2: Redmond Pie received an email from Facebook  They are looking into the matter.

Update #3: Redmond Pie Facebook is page is now restored. Read details here.

Image Sources: IMDB & Redmond Pie


  1. Thanks for your reassurance, Tushar.

    I don’t own the site mentioned above, but am a “friend”; one of over 16,000. The Facebook page is back up, after a day and a half of being removed. However, no explanation was provided of why/how it returned. An email writing campaign may have spurned that.

    I guess part of the panic is the amount of work and the communication that you fear is gone when this happens-your efforts disappear, with no apparent recourse (at least, a direct line of dialogue with the powers that can yank it).

    Also, trust enters the picture because you have done things by the rules and your content disappears. It’s why you go with a web host that has 99.9% uptime or better-you don’t want to be left wondering what has happened. All in all, it becomes scary.

    Thanks for your article; it was one of several I found through a web search. I like the layout of the page and straightforward writing style.

    • Glad your page is back n thanks for detailed comment. Let’s as of now give advantage to Facebook for maintaining huge website while they should also act responsibly like they want us to 🙂

      Also thanks for positive comment on the post. Do keep visiting and pls like our Facebook Page 🙂

  2. A company page by Site Sell disappeared today.

    Site Sell allows single users and small business to provide niche content on the Web, and shows how to rank highly in Google and other search engines. This isn’t an ad for the company, it’s a statement of how vulnerable user/community/company pages are.

    It isn’t fair, it’s not right. No warning, no prior violations; “poof” gone.

    Goodbye to content, goodbye to communication between members. It’s just distressing.

    • Hi doug.
      It’s vulnerable, you’re right. But after previous instances, Facebook has really shown professional n friendly gestures to restore those pages after validating by investigating into the matter.
      If you’re the owner of the said site above and the Facebook page then you should get back and talk to the Facebook team and the complainer to resolve the issues.
      Facebook will not delete pages unless they have received repetitive complaints.
      But yes the system needs a total redo to avoid disappointments.


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