What Is The Benefit Of Instagram Account Automation And Using Tools For That?

It’s hardly thinkable that professional promotion on Instagram can go without using services and tools which automates account development work to a certain extent. First and foremost, those tools are called up to take off the mundane tasks from your daily agenda: following other accounts, liking posts, leaving comments. All these actions are meant to enable your profile being brought into view so that people can enter and fall in love with your content and immediately follow you.

What are the capabilities of Instagram Automation tools?

Mass Following (competitors, geolocation, hashtags, etc.) your targeted audience. “I follow you and would you like to follow me back?” — that’s how it works. You can point out your rivals and the Instagram automation tool will direct all its power to their audience. Or you can name the hashtags that your TA suppose to use and the location from which people post their photos.

Mass Liking followers. A similar way of action — “I like your post, would you like to like mine?” You need to customize your targeting settings and the tool will interact with the audience without your personal contribution.

Auto Commenting: Most tools enable the automated leaving the written-by-you-in-advance comments under the posts of your TA.

Messages in Direct: Private communication can be carried out and without your participation. The tool can greet your new Instagram supporters and offer goods with a discount, for instance. Naturally, you have to write a couple of patterns that will suit the occasion.

Customize filters: They serve the accurate targeting: gender filters, timezone and language and all possible filters which will sift the undesirable and uninvited people. For instance, you can mark “female, GTM+1, french speaking” if you want to offer some organic beauty products for Parisian girls.  

Monitoring statistics: The tracking statistics is one of the most vital parts of any advert campaign. Thanks to that option you are able to analyze all your strength and weaknesses and thus, focus on the advancement of the strategy.

Unfollow: To make your account tidier and in order not to evoke a feeling that you follow the whole world, automation tools offer the function of mass unfollowing or even unfollowing everyone.

Auto-posting: Some of the tools obtain a great mechanism that enables scheduling your IG posts. If you plan to tackle the promotion head-on, you should considerate the best time to post on Instagram, and fix the time with the tool.

Multiple accounts: You can promote not only one acc simultaneously. There is no need to search for separate tools, you have a possibility to promote your accounts by means of one service.

What the real value of Instagram automation tools?

The audience quality is the main advantage of IG automation tools, though it may sound strange. If you competently set up a profile promotion, you will receive live, loyal and active users who match all your criteria.

You can filter out those who love cherry beer or British cats, are interested in tourism in general or specifically in climbing mountains. You can also drag the audience similar to yours.

Moreover, friendliness. All the tools are designed for ordinary people and are quite simple to use.  The fact that you can promote several accounts at the same time, even if they are completely different also adds some handiness. On top of that, most of the tools are cloud-based, so you don’t have to download the application. You can use the tool from everywhere and with the help of any device.

Promotion non-stop: This advantage stems from the previous point. The automation services do not operate during the working hours 09 am – 5 pm, it is working 24/7 without your participation and control, so your promo won’t be interrupted.

Constant technical support: Mostly, 24/7. Can a hired specialist be in never-ending touch with you? I highly doubt. Technical support teams usually answer within 5-10 minutes and give instructions for solving the problem and real pieces of advice.

If you still haven’t tried to use special tools to automate the work on advertising of your IG account, you lag behind everyone. Manage your account in the right way using IG automation and forget about the trivial round of promotion!