Dolby Atmos Films Sound Real

In June 2012, Dolby Atmos sound mixing arrived on the scene in Hollywood, California, for a movie premiere of Brave. During the same year, it showed up at 25 more venues around the globe. By 2013, the location number featuring Atmos jumped to 300. By 2015, this sound-mix system increased its number of locations to 2,000. Home-theater fans can now even listen to this sound system in their home movie rooms and dens.


The technology for this sound system has as many as 128 audio tracks, along with pan metadata, that can be sent to loudspeakers depending on a theater’s capabilities. This sound-mix system:

  • Renders all dynamic sounds in real-time
  • Is pre-mixed separately in a multi-channel format
  • Pre-mixes ambient sounds
  • Performs so highly that voices, background noise, and other sounds effects are amazingly realistic sounding

Oscar Winning Movies Use Dolby Sound Mix

Due to Dolby’s sound technology being so incredible to listen to, film crews use it to make astounding films that win Oscars. Here is an example of Dolby Atmos and the movie, Unbroken. Some of the movies with this type of sound mixing that received or were nominated for awards include:

  • American Sniper
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
  • Unbroken
  • Interstellar
  • Birdman
  • Brave
  • Whiplash
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Big Hero 6

For 37 years in a row, cinema that had Dolby audio sound technologies won Oscars or was nominated for Academy Awards. Categories that they won or were nominated in include:

  • Sound editing
  • Sound mixing
  • Best picture
  • Best animated feature

Capabilities of Sound Technology

With the cutting edge sound technology, movie-makers can create auditory magic, such as:

  • They can move sounds around a room, including over viewers’ heads in a theater.
  • They can create the ambiance of an ocean, jungle, or airplane zooming through the sky.
  • They can make sound so realistic and precise, the audience truly feels transported to the scene.

Home Theater Applications

An increasing number of movie lovers are setting up home theaters in their own abodes in order to enjoy movies in the comfort and privacy. Luckily, movie fans can even have cutting edge sound technology in their home theaters, because Dolby Labs started to create:

  • Premium home cinema receivers
  • Top quality pre-amplifiers
  • Mid-range HTiBs (home theaters in a box)

Atmos for home theaters is slightly different than commercial applications, mainly because of less process power and bandwidth. The home version has a spatially encoded digital channel rather than a matrix encoded one, but still offers powerful sound.

It’s no wonder that filmmakers, sound mixers, and home-theater fans choose this sound mixing technology. With realistic sounds, movie watchers can enjoy their flicks even more.


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