Google keeps the surprise element alive every now and then by presenting Search insights in an interesting way. This time too, they made a dedicated mini website focusing on the Oscars award ceremony every year, based on & followed by the Search volume received for nominated movies .

Google’s the Oscars website features many insights about the movies nominated for the Academy Awards.

Its a nice resource for all the movie buffs to follow their favorite movies, actors and directors in one place. See below for details

Follow The Oscars with Google’s new mini website based on Search Insights

  • The complete list of nominees per category
  • Details about the nominated Movies & their showtimes
  • Winner prediction for each category based Google Search volume
  • Promotional Movie collection on Play Store, depending upon if the Google Play Movie Store is available in your country
  • Android app for the Oscars
  • Oscar Nominees ballot PDF
  • Interesting Award acceptance speech videos. You can create and send your videos too.
  • Create Google+ hangout with friends to discuss on the Oscars
  • And, very cool Map laying shooting locations or birthplaces of your favorite nominees in the Oscars

Follow The Oscars with Google’s new mini website based on Search Insights

All of these elements are very engaging on a website and offers all needed information about all the nominees.

Google Search Picks the Oscar Winners

Follow The Oscars with Google’s new mini website based on Search Insights

Not just that – it was exciting to see the predicted Oscar winners based on the number of searches made by people on Google Search. For instance as per their insights; Argo is a winner of the Best Picture, Hugh Jackman is a winner of Best Actor, Jennifer Lawrence is a winner of Best Actress while Hon. Steven Spielberg sir is a winner of the Best Director award. Interesting insights, aren’t they?

That’s why I said, it’s interesting to follow the Oscars on this new mini website made by Google where, the information is based on Search insights & which might change depending upon the search volume by the time the Oscars 2013 event starts this Sunday.

Here is a link to The Oscars website by Google and do share with us how do you like it in comments.


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