Facebook has introduced another arm to its users for being “Social” with ‘Instant Personalization’. It may sound interesting to many users, but could really be a privacy concern for a lot of users of Facebook.

This Instant Personalization from Facebook, is going to be activated from today (or in a day or two) for all the users and this privacy settings will be turned ON by default. You can switch it OFF if you want to and if you’re concerned about your privacy.

What is Instant Personalization?

Our goal is to give you a great social and personalized experience with every app and website you use. We’ve worked with a select set of partners to personalize your experience as soon as you arrive on their sites.

These partner sites (currently limited to Bing, TripAdvisor, Clicker, Rotten Tomatoes, Docs, Pandora, Yelp, and Scribd), can only access the information and content you’ve already made available to everyone. All these partners are required to respect your information.

When you arrive at one of these sites, you’ll see a notification message and a way to turn off the personalized experience on that site.

Why is it a Concern?

There is no doubt if you’re getting a personalized service from websites you visit and your friends visit. You can see what your friends like or don’t like etc.

Though you need to grant permissions for accessing your information to these sites, there could be a lot of information from Facebook or from these websites you may not want to let others know or vice-a-versa.

It is better and safe to turn this feature OFF completely to avoid disappointments, if any.

How to do it?

The process is simple, but trust me, many Facebook users do not even know about the existence of its privacy settings.

Log into Facebook if not already. At the top right hand corner, click Account, and then Privacy Settings.

On the following page, towards the left side under the heading Apps and websites, select Edit your settings.

On the next page, under the heading Instant personalization, select Edit settings

You will be shown to a pop-up window with an introduction video. Watch it and then click ‘close’ for next.

At the bottom of this page, un-check the box ‘Enable instant personalization on partner websites’. This will turn off partner websites accessing your Facebook information.

If this check box is grayed out / inactive the it means, this feature is not yet activated for your profile as yet. (Just like mine as I write this post)

That’s it.

This is useful for people who are really concerned about their privacy on Facebook and its partner sites. For everyone else, its Instant Personalization. 🙂


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