Fix for Windows 10 Explorer Crashing when Trying to Open Certain Folders

I’m loving Windows 10 yet recently one weird problem started bugging me & drove me nuts. And that problem was, wherever I tried to open this particular folder then the Windows Explorer became unresponsive. Gave me a white hazy look on its face & then this not responding explorer had to be force closed to start using it again.

I first tried it by double-clicking the drive. And then on the respective folder took the usual route. It kept doing the same crashing loop over & over.

Then decided to trick Windows 10 into thinking I am doing a different operation. I tried accessing this folder using the left pane of Windows Explorer. By navigating using a tree structure. But damn, Windows understood my intention and still crashed explorer.exe whenever I clicked on this particular folder I wanted to check.

Decided to try another trick to fix this crashing problem. So, I pined it to the Quick access menu of Windows Explorer in the hope that now the crash loop would stop. But, it didn’t.

Finally, how did solved this & fixed the crash? It’s a simple fix

I knew Windows tends to get naughtier when the folder view is set to show thumbnails, small or large thumbnails doesn’t matter. When it tries to show all these thumbnails of pictures and videos, it basically kinda gets tired and gives up and crashes the explorer.exe! It had happened to me several times in the past. Please note: I’m intentionally not using any complex computing terms and trying to keep it casual for non-techy people.

There struck an epiphany and I decided to change this folder’s properties.

  1. Slowly and steadily navigate to the desired drive and the subfolder if required.
  2. Do not double click on this notorious folder just yet.
  3. Instead, select the folder & right-click on it.
  4. Go to Properties
  5. You now should see various folder properties with tabs on top such as; General / Sharing / Security / Previous Versions / Customize.
  6. Go to the “Customize” tab
  7. The first section on this tab describes “What kind of folder do you want?” and “Optimize this folder for”
  8. In this following dropdown, you will see five options: General Items, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos
  9. Select the option “General Items” so that this folder will optimize for General Items.
  10. Also, tick the checkbox below that says “Also apply this template to all subfolders”
  11. Click apply & close this box.

Fix for Windows 10 Explorer Crashing when Trying to Open Certain Folders

Voila! The notorious Windows now thinks you’ve done smart work & now gives you access to this folder that drove you mad by crashing it every time you tried.

Here is a deep thought: Sometimes life throws irritating problems at us so that we focus and find simple fixes for those.

Okay, ending the Cliché here. Hope this solves your Windows Explorer crashing problem. If it did, tell me so in the comments section.


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