The Most Prevalent Cyber Threats in 2020

Cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent and complex as the entire world is beginning to become dependent on the internet and software. Some companies do all of their business online, while government agencies and corporations have important confidential information in some sort of cloud. Or, on a much more realistic level, almost every person has some sort of online presence, whether that be an email or a social media account.

It’s important to keep these things safe and secure from cyber-attacks and threats, however, some people don’t know exactly what to look for. This post will detail the top 5 cyber threats to keep an eye out in 2020.

Cyber Threats to Keep an Eye Out For

A computer forensics investigator pointed out that cyber attacks can impact people’s lives in a variety of different ways. Cyber attackers, or hackers, can steal confidential information that can ruin people’s lives, put companies out of business/make them go bankrupt, or even exploit personal information to the public; and sometimes these attacks could have been prevented. To keep yourself safe from cyber hackers, watch out for the following most popular cyber threats that have been reported this year.

1) Breaches in Hospitals and Other Medical Networks

Hospitals and doctor’s offices have been recent targets for hackers. These places have recently been targets because hackers understand that these sorts of businesses have copious amounts of personal information. By stealing personal information, hackers can gain access to financial information and get into patients’ bank accounts or sell this information on the dark web, allowing others to hack into patients’ accounts or steal their identity.

2) AI Attacks as It’s Still Learning the New Model

Hackers are very much aware that AI, artificial intelligence, is constantly evolving and that it is the most vulnerable as it is learning a new model or system. As the AI is learning the new system, cyberattackers are able to inject bad data into the AI program, causing it to learn something that it shouldn’t.

If an AI learns something it shouldn’t it can become vulnerable to viruses and hackers. Cyber attackers will purposely teach an AI something it shouldn’t learn so that they [the hackers] can hack into them and extract information.

3) Synthetic Identities

Synthetic identities are the 21st century’s version of identity fraud. Cyber attackers use a mix of both real and fake credentials of a person. This is an issue for two reasons:

  1. Hackers can use synthetic identities to manipulate other people on the internet as they pose a legitimate person
  2. A  hacker can get the real credentials of a person by hacking into his or her personal accounts and stealing important personal information

4) Deepfakes

Deepfakes happen when an AI creates fake images and sounds that appear real. A popular example of this is when an AI creates a video in which a politician or celebrity’s words are manipulated to make it sound like they said something they never actually did.

Deepfakes also can spoof the voices of people and superimpose different faces to different bodies.

5) Cloud Jacking

This new form of hacking is done when a cyber attacker gets into a cloud network and steals valuable information. Usually, hackers do this with the intention to steal information and mine for cryptocurrency. Businesses are usually at the most risk of cloud jacking, however, it can happen to anyone.

Stay Informed to Protect Yourself From Cyber Threats

The best way to prevent any of these cyberattacks from happening to you is to be proactive by installing top-notch antivirus software and by doing frequent research. By staying informed, you will know exactly the things to watch out for when it comes to possible cyber threats, and you will be able to do all that you can to keep you and your information safe. Be sure to watch out for these threats right now.

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