Samsung now officially denied possible launch of their next version of Android powered flagship smartphone Galaxy S III in April 2012. Recently, all the reports were indicating its universal launch in next month. This new development also discards any chance of its announcement or unveiling on March 22, 2012. 🙁

Samsung Tomorrow replied in a tweet here.

Samsung confirmed that, their plan is in perfect shape to launch the most awaited Galaxy S III in first-half of 2012, however Samsung would prefer to declare precise date when everything seems in place & under control.

If few other reports are to be believed, Samsung is in process of making an app for Mobile Payments and they’re keen on launching it first on S3. Also, they have been very secretive on exposing it’s design to the competition… which could be another the reason why, Galaxy S III was not showcased in MWC 2012.

Samsung Denies Galaxy S III Launch in April, Asks to Stay Tuned!
Samsung Galaxy S II Image

London Olympics campaign can be one perfect timing for Samsung to release this exciting handset… which eventually give Samsung more time in getting their new Quad-core chip ready to go with the Galaxy S III.

Quad-core chip inside Samsung Galaxy S III makes more sense or otherwise this won’t be of much excitement, says S II fans around the world. Well, who wouldn’t like a faster phone anyways 🙂

We posted some rumors about Samsung Galaxy S III specifications few days back, you can enjoy reading through them!

It is not yet finalized whether the phone will carry a number system like Samsung Galaxy S III i9300 or something else. According to UAProfile for Samsung GT-I9300 & GT-P3100 – the display resolution looks like that of a tablet than a smartphone. Well, this is not as important as the actual handset and hence we can not call it Galaxy S III I9300 right away 😛

According to statement released by Samsung to The Verge

The successor to the GALAXY S II smartphone will be unveiled in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product. We cannot confirm the detailed information at the moment.

So as they say… Stay Tuned!
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