How Tech Could Help You Get That New Job

You updated your LinkedIn profile and cleaned your social media accounts. You even checked out your online reputation. You looked over your resume and sent it to the companies you’d like to work for. If you feel like the job hunt is more like a full-time job, you’re right. It’s time to use some tech tools to your advantage. These tools can give your job hunt a boost and increase the chances that your resume will lead you to the first job interview.

Create a Strong Resume

Designing a strong resume is key to standing out from among your competition. You want to create a resume that showcases your education, experience, and skills. You can find a site to help build your resume if you don’t know how to design on, like LiveCareer. Give your resume some polish by using templates that do all the work for you. Thanks to their simple design, you can choose a template and enter your information. You can even tailor your resume for various jobs.

Keep Track of Where You Applied

If you applied to so many jobs or companies that you can’t keep up, then you should look into an app that can help you keep track. Think of it as your personal assistant that keeps track of all of the jobs you applied to. You can save jobs from any career website or job board with just one click. Some apps provide career advice and help you fill out online job applications. They also offer the best advice for applying to jobs and allow you to set up follow-up reminders, so you know when it’s time to find out the status about a particular job.

Refine Your Job Search

The job search process can feel a little daunting. It’s been compared to the likes of a numbers game. You have to go through a lot of job applications before you get a job offer or even an interview. Instead of going through hundreds of job boards, you can see which jobs are a great fit based on your education, experience, interests, location, and skills.

Prepare for the Job Interview

You finally got a call for a job interview. Now what? There are several websites that help you prepare for an upcoming job interview. You can use virtual flashcards to help you practice for your job interview based on the industry. These flashcards are used to help you prepare for common questions like, “What are your strengths?” There are even suggestions on what questions you can ask the employer.

Follow-Up on E-Mails After No Response

If you send e-mails without a response, you can send another e-mail to follow up on the status of a job. Boomerang for Gmail allows sends you notification reminders to follow up on e-mails that get no response. You can even schedule your messages as if you’re writing and sending the e-mail message that very moment. If the person responds to your original e-mail, Boomerang will notice it, and won’t send the follow-up e-mail.