If you have ever had the embarrassment of finding something unflattering about yourself online, imagine what it would be like if your boss, your friends or your family ever found it.

With the increased interconnectivity between social media hub and search engines, it is incredibly easy for someone to find something bad about you if they are looking. Anyone of us might have had this problem and we cannot afford it because some or many of us are in a job or business where reputation is everything.

Control Your Online Image and Reputation helps control the image that other people had of you online, saves job and families from a great deal of embarrassment.

It’s also said that, 86% of Hiring Managers in US rejects the candidate because of what been found on the Internet about him/her. Scary, eh?

Also… here is a PDF showing a list of 40 websites that can make or break your online reputation.

If you have not taken a look at the YouTube videos of, you should go by their website and check out exactly what it is they do.

I am sure that you will find that this service is absolutely invaluable to people who value their reputation, whether professionally or socially. Some of the things that does for you are impossible for a person to do for themselves. It will also be incredibly important as the jobs of the future will be based on what employers find on you online. They are definitely looking, so make sure… you stay a step ahead of them, all the time.

Invest in and start by looking at the free videos on YouTube.

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