Love Jailbreaking or Rooting? Then, HELP keep it LEGAL. Read how...

Jailbreaking and unlocking Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or rooting Android devices to unlock potential capacity of any such mobile device; was announced  as legal act by US Federal regulators on July 25, 2010 by saying, “no basis for copyright law to assist Apple in protecting its restrictive business model.”

While Apple was completely stunned over this decision, they silently kept blocking all possible jailbreak exploits present in iOS in every update. Clearly, someone is not happy to see their efforts being teared down.

Jailbreaking or rooting allows user to install any compatible software on purchased devices, even if it is being blocked by the operating system.

If the buyer has paid a premium price for buying such devices, he of course should be able to install anything he wish, on a device. However, the manufacturers are against it, thinking that such an act may spoil the user experience & eventually harm their brand’s reputation.

Importantly, the decision given by the US Federal regulators back then, was NOT PERMANENT. Many developers, users thought it was a permanent decision but that is not the case; says @Charlie Miller

Love Jailbreaking or Rooting? Then, HELP keep it LEGAL. Read how...

What can we do?

We can tell the Copyright Office that the jailbreaking is not a crime and we should be able to freely use our purchased devices.

Love Jailbreaking or Rooting? Then, HELP keep it LEGAL. Read how...

You can jump to EFF.ORG page here and read through the instructions on sending our comments to the Copyright Office.

You can also send your comments directly on Copyright.Org website online. But, I would insist on reading through the EFF.ORG page before you go ahead.

Remember: Today February 10, 2012 before 5pm Eastern time, is the LAST DAY for submitting any comments in this regard to the Copyright office. Let’s start filing the petition and share this with our friends.

What you take? Do share your views



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