Monitor Website Uptime & Downtime on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android with Pingdom

It is very important for website owners to know the performance of their websites. Is the website accessible? Is the server connecting well? How much is the Uptime and Downtime? How much is the response time from different regions of the world? Well, these are vital stats and not available from Hosting service providers on time-to-time basis due to obvious reasons. Also, if you have a web server setup on your own & your website is accessible within your own network does not mean it is accessible all over the Internet all the time. There could be some issues which need immediate attention.

Pingdom is such a wonderful service that alerts you whenever your website is Down or is Up back again. Pingdom also checks for how your website is responding from all over the World which is very important to know how your audience all across the globe is seeing it.

With Pingdom, we can also monitor Mail Servers, FTP Servers, DNS Servers or even a Network along with a Web site. Pingdom also has an iPhone and Android Apps to get stats on mobile while travelling.

Why we need Pingdom?

With Pingdom, any problem with your website will be discovered the minute it happens. You will be immediately alerted so you can take action before it affects your business. You will also be able to see detailed statistics of your website performance, giving you a historical record of all incidents.

Pingdom Features

  • Get alerts right away when your site has issues
  • Track your uptime and performance
  • Get help with troubleshooting
  • Monitor more than just your website


Pingdom account is available in three main categories.

  1. Business Account: In this account you can monitor up to 30 sites / servers with 200 SMS alerts on signup and etc. This is priced at approx $40 per month.
  2. Basic Account: In this account type you can monitor up to 5 sites / servers with 20 SMS alerts on signup and etc. This type is priced at about $10 per month.
  3. Free Account: In this account type you can monitor only 1 website / server with 20 SMS credits. There is no need to use any Credit Card information.

How to Setup Pingdom Free Account

Actually, setting up Pingdom Free Account is not difficult. Once you sign up for the Free Account you shall receive an email with your user ID and auto generated password. Once you login to your Pingdom account, you will have to enter your website or server details and you’re done.

How Pingdom send Quick Alerts

The Pingdom email alert system is very fast. It sends you an email immediately as it sees your website is down or up. These are the alerts I received.

  • PingdomAlert DOWN: TechZoom.Org ( is down since 01/04/2011 19:16:38.
  • PingdomAlert UP: TechZoom.Org ( is UP again at 01/04/2011 19:46:30, after 30m of downtime.

Pingdom Public Reports

It is possible to make Pingdom stats accessible to the Public. This is very useful for Free Pingdom accounts show your website’s performance graph to others or your hosting provider / network administrator where you cannot set more than one email address to send alerts to nor can add users.

This is how Pingdom Public Profile looks

App download links

Pingdom is accessible through website on PC and Mac through Pingdom Website

30 Day Free Trial is available to Paid Accounts which is really great. I am sure if someone signs up for one of these he/she would definitely go ahead after experiencing this great service within the trial period.

I have seen how reliable service this is and I could see downtime and uptime for my website for the exact time duration, which I never saw or got notified by my Hosting service provider.



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