It would be little over too much if I say, Angry Birds game is not addictive or it’s not popular. You would rather close this window if I say it. Angry Birds is like a brand in itself & it managed to gain lot of respect in its own space – probably as good as Mario, from little older time.

Rovio Mobile, the makers of one of the best mobile game of our time Angry Birds – launched today another fun game Bad Piggies.

About Bad Piggies Game

Though, the overall graphical look & feel is very much like Angry Birds… this one is little more tricky (more difficult) with over 60 levels of achievements. We don’t actually get going with the game straight-away like we could in Angry Birds or Temple Run.

The basic principle of an Arcade puzzle is being kept with multiple goals to achieve per level. We have to pilot the pigs safely to the eggs by creating & using ultimate machines from 33 objects: motors, wings, fans, bottle rockets, umbrellas, balloons, and much more!

However, once we’re in and start getting hold of things from the game-play – it gets interesting & more inviting. From within the game, we can also hire mechanic to do a perfect motoring vehicle for each level for this cute Piggy.

The game is available across all the major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows PC and Mac.

Now Available: Bad Piggies from the makers of Angry Birds

Download Links for Bad Piggies Game


If this sounds interesting, you may also want to download a free walk-through & cheat guide app for Bad Piggies  from iTunes Store.

Bad Piggies Game Video


We now have another reason to stick our heads on to gadget screens. Let me try this now…

Hope you enjoy & do share your views on it through comments.


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