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Teewe 2 Review

Teewe 2 Review: Bridging The Media Gap – Literally

Teewe 2 is a genius concept that helps bring content from a myriad of device to the big screen (in your home that is)....
What To Look For When Buying A Tablet

What To Look For When Buying A Tablet

A few years ago, buying a tablet was simple. You went to an Apple store and bought an iPad. However, things have changed in...

Get Android Notifications On Desktop (App + Browser Extension)

How many times did you wish for getting your Android notifications on desktop? I’m sure you wished it for at least once, especially when...

EaseUS Hard Drive Data Recovery For Windows & Mac (Review &...

EaseUS Hard Drive Data Recovery Wizard software is one of the complete data recovery solutions available in the market & it’s definitely NOT one of...

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Multi-Platform Telegram Over WhatsApp

It came, it won & it's popular – WhatsApp messaging app did change the face of text messaging. Well, I know it was BBM doing so...
Top 5 Skype Call Recorder Utilities for Windows and Mac

Top 5 Skype Call Recorder Utilities for Windows and Mac

Recording Skype calls may be of great importance for many of us, to keep various project related records. This is a list of top utilities for Windows & Mac
Acer Aspire One Happy 2 Netbook: Now in India with Android and Windows 7

The Netbooks to go extinct after 2012, Acer & ASUS calls...

The era of Netbooks will officially end with 2012. The pioneers ASUS and Acer are shutting down production of Netbooks for Tablets.
Windows 8 release scheduled for October 2012

Windows 8 Price Announced by Microsoft

Microsoft announced Windows 8 Prices. Upgrade only DVD pack is priced at $70, OS download priced at $40 & Special offer upgrade at $15.

Now Available: Bad Piggies Game from the makers of Angry Birds

Bad Piggies game is launched by the makers of Angry Birds, Rovio Mobile Ltd, for major platforms like iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, PC & Mac.

Microsoft Surface Tablet PC running Windows 8 Announced (It’s without PixelSense)

Microsoft Surface announced as new entry in tablet war. It's like a PC and a Tablet at the same time. Lets see some features, specs & price.

Windows 8 Release Date To Be Somewhere in October / November...

Microsoft may release Windows 8 and it's tablets in October / November 2012 with their own branding to take advantage of this Holiday Season

Microsoft asks HTC to stop working on Windows 8 Tablets

Microsoft has barred HTC from developing their ARM based Windows 8 tablets on the quality grounds for creating salable tablets.