Physics Facts Proving How Complicated Our Universe Is

The curiosity of the human race has been enforcing our need to unearth the mysteries of our universe. From the big bang to atomic structure, we are learning new things every day. But the more we know, the more complicated things start to get. But most of the general population have no idea about these facts. Well to solve that problem and to show you just how complicated our universe and the laws that govern it are, I’ve mentioned some scintillating yet troubling facts below.

At the speed of light, time stops

According to Einstein, the speed of light is approximately 3 x 108 m/s. Under Einstein’s theory of special relativity, there is a topic called time dilation which says how time slows down for you when compared to your surroundings as you go faster and faster. Theoretically, as you go at the speed of light, time will stop.

Light weighed down by gravity

We have learned in our school days that light always travels in a straight line. But that is not true as Einstein predicted that even though a light is massless, it is affected by things that do have mass. So a beam of light passing by the sun actually bends around it.

Dark Matter

Physicists in our time have theories based on which they can calculate the total mass in the universe and the total mass we can observe. But everyone was struck in awe when the two numbers didn’t add up. This is because of dark matter which accounts for 95% of our universe.

The ever so expanding universe

As it started with the big bang, a big pile of flying debris has created the universe that we know today. But unlike the usual tendency of debris to slow down after an explosion, in our case the universe is expanding even further at a faster pace.

Thus, here we have listed some points that we have discovered by observing what happens in the universe. To know more fun facts and check out a physics or chemistry discussion and check out this YouTube channel –