What You Should Look For In An Email Verification Service

If you are a business owner, you are probably aware of the advantages of email marketing. For a few years now, it’s been the most widely used channel of communication between brands and their customers. Email marketing allows you to send your campaigns to large numbers of people who have joined your email list and is generating the greatest revenue for companies of all sizes. But there is one aspect that you need to consider if you are an email marketer: your email list has to be in good shape.

What that means is that is should only contain valid email addresses. No mistyped, abandoned or fake accounts that only take up space and use your money in vain. The best method to keep a healthy database is to let an email verification service clean it.

Before you start looking for such a service, here are some features to keep in mind. A good email verifier should have them all.

Invalid addresses detection

The system will identify email addresses that are inaccurate and eliminate them from your list.

Email bounce detection

The email verification software will be able to detect email addresses that will cause you emails to bounce. Having a high bounce rate is a negative sign for email providers.

Email abuse

The software will determine which email addresses belong to people who have a habit of marking your emails as spam. Sending campaigns to this kind of recipients is never a good idea, as it will affect your sender reputation.

Disposable email detection

The system will let you know which emails are disposable and remove them from your list.

Spam trap detection

The email validation system will weed out spam traps, catch-all, and toxic domains.

Missing information append

The software will add important information about your subscribers to your database. You will be able to find out their name, gender, and location, based on the provided registration IP.

Easy UI

You shouldn’t have to be a technology expert in order to enjoy such a software. The interface should be easy to use and allow you to clean your email list without any nuisance.

I hope this article was useful to you and provided you with helpful information on how to choose a good email verification service.