The company that we’re working for has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple of years. This is a wonderful thing to have a client doing his business much successfully and we’re being successful handling the challenges that were presented during the process.

One of the challenges was to significantly cut the level of fraudulent accounts that were a part of the online business and yes, the problem seemed overpowering at times.

I discussed this issue with several of my friends, social media friends involved in similar businesses and colleagues. Everyone agreed that the user fraud was becoming a big problem while tackling the issue is never too easy with growing Social Media platforms.

The scope of fixing this particular issue seemed out of scope for our own IT department… We needed that team with special level of expertise in the matter.

We decided and started searching for the right team to assist us in phone authentication, I spoke to several people, attended few networking events… The one name that came up was very commonly spoken & that was ‘TeleSign’

TeleSign’s website itself was a wealth of information. I became hopeful that they would be able to help resolve our & client’s problem.

Reduce Fraudulent User Accounts for Your Online Business Through TeleSign Phone Authentication

A scheduled a conference call with a TeleSign representative was very fruitful in getting answers to many questions. We were impressed with the wide variety of options that they offered.

We are approaching nearly one year of using TeleSign… the number of fraudulent accounts entering our system has dropped significantly because of their phone verification and identity authentication service.

TeleSign is also awarded as 15th fasted growing companies in North America on Deloitte’s 2011. They’re working for various industries such as Gaming, Cloud Services, eCommerce, Payments, Social Networks, Lead generation, Web Hosting and registrars to provide phone authentication services.

You too can check their phone authentication services and greatly reduce the number of fraudulent accounts bothering your online business.


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