I recently came across this nifty jailbreak tweak developed by ‘dmarinov’ that lets us block calls on the iPhone. It’s titled ‘Call Blocker’ and is available through ModMyi repo for $0.99 only.

Call Blocker tweak does not block calls on a carrier-level (like other mobile systems) which might sound weird for some of you but, I kind of like this function… It’s more like a firewall for your iPhone to block a phone number,  yet able to see blocked call logs.

How to block phone calls using Call Blocker tweak?

Call Blocker mainly has three options to block phone number on iPhone, calls from these numbers however do reach your phone – but, automatically rejected after couple of rings when it checks whether the number is in blocked list or not.

Once auto-rejected – it silently goes into a missed calls list (if enabled) for your review / call-back if needed later.

  1. Block all incoming calls: As it says, you can block every incoming call – I wouldn’t really select this option because then I would rather switch my phone off instead.
  2. Block hidden calls: This is interesting – many times we get calls from numbers without CLIR / CLIP (Caller IDs) and we always find it uncomfortable receiving such calls. Especially when we’re busy doing some important work…
  3. Block specific numbers: This feature is much-needed and suits for most of us. These days we get too many calls from telemarketers, stock brokers and what not… I get irritated receiving such calls even though my number is listed in ‘Do Not Disturb’ directory. You can easily block unwanted calls .

How to download Call Blocker?

Open Cydia and search for ‘Call Blocker’. Select it for details and purchase it using PayPal or Amazon Payments.


Block Unwanted Calls on iPhone with Call Blocker Jailbreak Tweak

Block Unwanted Calls on iPhone with Call Blocker Jailbreak Tweak

If you want, you can choose to automatically remove logs for blocked incoming calls from ‘missed calls’ list from this app’s setting page.

I haven’t enabled it because I always prefer having a call logs just in case needed later.

Call Blocker is the perfect firewall for iPhone to block incoming calls without getting bothered by them and without paying any attention to them.

Some of you may think, this tweak does not justify the sole purpose of a mobile phone, but with growing spam callers – I think, it is a perfect solution.

Update: For iOS 7

Blocking a phone number, its calls & text messages is now a default feature of iOS 7. So, now we can have this feature without a jailbreak. You can see the complete list of feature here.

Blocking a phone number What say? Would you use it for blocking phone calls on your iPhone? Share your thoughts via comments.


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