Making a Conference Call from an iPhone (How To)

Setting up a conference call from your iPhone may look like a difficult task at first, but iPhone itself has made the task easier. Try it, to see how easy it is.

You or your friend might have bought a new iPhone recently, and must be wondering how to make a conference call or how to talk to more friends at a time for fixing a quick dinner party etc…

Beginners guide for iPhone Conference Call.

Step 1

Make a call to a person you’re looking to have a conference call with. This can be done by manually dialing his/her phone number or just dial by picking a number from saved contacts.

Step 2

Once the call is placed & picked up by the other person – you should see similar to images below. Follow the next step. Now click on Add Call and select another person’s number you want to add in this conference call.

Making a Conference Call from an iPhone (How To)

Step 3

You can either select this new number from contacts or use keypad to type-in this number manually. Keypad button is located at right-hand bottom on a following screen after clicking Add Call.

Making a Conference Call from an iPhone (How To)

Step 4

Once you place this second call, the first will automatically goes on Hold, so that you can speak to this person and tell about getting him/her in a conference.

Step 5

Now, as you have successfully placed two calls – its time to merge both calls. This way, you three can communicate with each-other.

To do this, tap on Merge Calls button on iPhone screen. You should now have three people active on one call.

Initially, it displays the names (if selected from contacts) or numbers on top of the active call screen and then display it as Conference.

Making a Conference Call from an iPhone (How To)

Step 6

If you wish to add more people in the same conference, you can repeat above steps.

Step 7

In case you wish to drop someone from the conference, just tap on Conference > and then tap on a red circle denoting “End Call” icon.

Making a Conference Call from an iPhone (How To)

Step 8:

If you feel like communicating in private with any one of the participants, then click on Conference, and choose “Private” button that appears next to the person of your choice.

Making a Conference Call from an iPhone (How To)

Step 9

Now, to get come back again in the conference then tap on “Merge Calls” button.


Simple but effectively designed iPhone call conferencing, isn’t it? Three-way calling on iPhone works very smooth. May be, that’s the reason we love Apple iPhone and it’s design. Do SHARE this post with your friends who recently bought a new iPhone. I am sure s/he would like to read this.

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