A Review of Wrike Project Management Software

Gone are days when we had to use paper files, memos and lengthy reports for project management! Thanks to intuitive web technologies, there is a set of online tools that make it easier for organizations to manage projects and teams. Wrike — an all-in-one solution for project, team and organization management — can have a unique role in improving your results. In this article, we give an overview of Wrike’s web-based project management software.

What is Wrike?

Used by companies of all sizes and industries, including PayPal, HTC, Hootsuite, and Capgemini, Wrike’s online project management software is one of the most popular solutions. With strong security, an intuitive UI, and extensive features, Wrike can be completely customized to suit your needs — from project templates to custom workflows. In addition to work management and organization, it makes managing an online project and team collaboration easy. Share, assign, and set due dates for tasks, and attach work files for easy organization and access. Comment on tasks to provide feedback, share ideas, and update teammates on work status. Wrike also has cool features for real-time reporting, tracking and customization. The app has been translated into many other languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and German.

Wrike Project Management Software

Who Needs to Use Wrike?

Wrike is perfect for every organization that likes to achieve goals, from small startups to huge organizations with many departments, teams, and managers. Suppose the organization is into phone manufacturing. Then, you will have different sub-teams to take care of such — such as the Product Development and Marketing Teams for instance. You can create a meaningful communication chain between these teams and thus achieve your goals quickly. On the other hand, if you are in a publishing firm, you’ll be able to bring your content writers, reporters, managers and editors into a centralized location. There, you can do anything — thanks to it’s powerful collaboration features.

What Makes Wrike Different?

While it is a full-featured and robust project management solution, it’s also easily customizable and user-friendly. You can manage team communication, goal-tracking, content creation, etc. right from the dashboard. In addition, Wrike’s project management app offers smart features for customizing the app to support the way you and your team like to work, including custom workflows and dashboards, real-time visual reports, and custom work requests.

Wrike Project Management Software

In seconds, you can create different projects, tasks, and sub-tasks and assign them to different team members. And, when you create a task, there are dedicated sections for managing files as well as adding instructions and creating content in the task description. All these fields can be edited in real time.

Wrike Project Management Software

Wrike does not disappoint when it comes to team collaboration. @Mention specific team members or entire departments/user groups to quickly bring them into a discussion. Use personal and shared Dashboards to manage individual work or align teams on top priorities, and use the real-time Activity Stream to keep up with updates to the tasks you follow. The interactive Gantt Chart and Reporting features are great for planning and goal-tracking. Altogether, you’ll see productivity and results improve. All of these features makes it different from other solutions.

Does it Work with Other Apps?

The answer is a big YES. Wrike’s software for project management integrates with dozens of other popular work apps and services, including WordPress, iCal, Slack, MS Excel, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. The best part is that you can set triggers and actions to automate a set of tasks through the integration with Zapier. This way, you can automate blog publishing in WordPress blogs.

Bottom Line

All in all, It’s a great project management solution to count on! It offers useful features and an intuitive UI. Also, from the organization point of view, the customization capabilities are a must-have. To see what Wrike can do for your organization, start a free two-week trial.


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