The most important aspect of a business is its relationship with customers. If a business is not managing its customer relationships well, the business could easily lose out on repeat business and the ability to pick up new customers. With Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, businesses can maintain and work to strengthen the vital relationship between company and customer.

Zoho CRM is a company that can provide businesses with all of the tools they need to best handle the customer relationship. Their CRM software offers many features for businesses to optimize the relationship, including automating day-to-day activities, tracking sales activities and engaging customers through online connections.

Zoho also takes CRM a step further by providing the latest technological ways to utilize the software, including offering mobile apps and syncing with Google apps.

Zoho CRM Software Features

Zoho CRM software comes with loaded workflow features, available at fraction of the price than its competition in the market, such as:

  • Sales Force Automation
  •  Marketing Automation
  •  Customer Support
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Social Interpretation
  •  Analytics
  •  Role-based permissions & security
  •  Email Integration
  •  Website Integration
  •  Developers API
  •  and Mobile Edition (including apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry)

They also offer plenty of CRM add-ons for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, PhoneBridge, QuickBooks and Google Apps.

Over 25,000 companies currently use Zoho CRM software and are completely satisfied with the way the software has improved their customer relationship management. Some of the best features companies using the software have found is the ease of use and the money they can save by using the product.

Companies don’t have to invest a ton of money in hardware and backup systems since Zoho is all hosted. Companies also don’t have to worry about getting into a long contract, because this CRM software is a pay as you go solution. Zoho CRM can help any company get the customer results they need.

You can also get Free Zoho CRM Software for start-ups with up to 3 users while, professional edition starts at as low as $12 per month. Check  the Sales Demo account in action here.

You can also download their Free CRM mobile apps for iPhone and for Android.



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