Yes, you read it right! Even I did so – true or false? No one is certain yet 🙂

None the less, it’s more of an excitement time with a piece of news for time being … just while seated on a chair in office (or you at home).

The entire web is full of this latest news about a launch event (reported by iMore) that, Apple is holding on September 12, 2012 to unveil a larger iPhone 5 & a smaller iPad (Mini) along side a new iPod touch.

We saw earlier, about various device sizes Apple may bring in future & hence, iPad mini or a different sized iPod Touch is very much possible.

iPhone 5: Concept Renders
iPhone 5: 3D rendered images based on available information

These new devices are also reported to be available in stores ten days after the launch event, i.e. September 21.

All of these new devices will have a smaller USB port as seen on iPhone 5 prototype – i.e. MicroUSB. And, nothing can be as simple as this – since all the latest mobile devices are using the same port. It will make things lot easy unless Apple make something difficult in it.

Apple is known to give surprises – we wait for these surprises, no matter how small they count or look. Don’t we?

Update #1

As expected, we have seen iPhone 5 launched on Sept. 12 along-with final release of iOS 6. We couldn’t hear anything about iPad Mini then, however – iPad Mini launch event is rumored to be scheduled for October 17, 2012. Its coming from a very reliable source but nothing is confirmed until Apple sends out iPad Mini even invites.

Lets wait for some more days & we shall know. I will update you again on the happenings…

What say you? 🙂

(* back to work)


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