Thursday, October 14, 2021
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Moving From Gmail To Is Now A Lot Easier [How-To]

Microsoft recently announced a new service that allows, moving Gmail account to the new email account, in a few easy steps – this includes moving...

MyLife: Revamped All-in-one Social Network Dashboard is now a revamped website that works best as all-in-one dashboard to manage all of your other social networking website accounts.
Gmail’s Compose and Reply boxes got a new look. Try it out

Easily revert back to Gmail’s Old Look from New Cool Interface

Gmail recently updated its interface to bring more responsive design but there is a way to revert back to old look if you didn't like it.
New Gmail Feature: Send Emails in Background

New Gmail Feature Lets Us Send Emails In The Background

Gmail's new feature to enable us send many emails in background while we continue reading, composing other emails or chat, similar to Outlook or Thunderbird

Schedule Incoming and Outgoing messages in Gmail with Boomerang

You can now schedule Incoming and Outgoing email messages in Gmail with Boomerang