Microsoft recently announced a new service that allows, moving Gmail account to the new email account, in a few easy steps – this includes moving of all email messages, Gmail contacts and, read/unread status of existing email messages. According to the latest research from ISPOS, a study conducted with over 4000 personal email users in the USA reports that, over 1000 users would like to move their email service if it’s easy move. And, most of them were likely to shift from Gmail due to the privacy concerns over scanning of emails & classifying to serve more ads & search results (with ads) on the other hand, compared to Gmail is claiming to offer better features, easy to use interface & better spam filters to their users. And, this new tool will make life easy for everyone wants to change their Gmail email to Outlook.

The service is not yet available for every user, but the company has already started rolling out the feature. So, if you don’t see it right away – you can try again on any later date to see its status.


Why you may (or may not) consider to migrate Gmail on

  • You can continue using your Gmail if you think Outlook is not of your taste.
  • You think new is a better place than continue using Gmail.
  • You might want to make this move if you think Google is now using your emails to classify you in certain types of users to throw ads & search results.
  • You do absolutely not like the new Gmail interface & thinks it’s cluttered.
  • You think the Gmail is not cool anymore & does not fit to be known as the modern-day email. Read what ZDNet article here.
  • I am not sure how many of Webmasters or Bloggers would like to make this shift because, most of them use Google accounts for various services & helps them auto sign-in for such services
  • You might want to use Outlook so that you can configure Emails on your own domain name for free. Google recently dropped their free business email service.

Gmail to Outlook Import Tool

Apart from a few unique features that Microsoft is claiming, you can get the following features when you move your Gmail

  • Import all your messages to email
  • Import, copy all your Gmail contacts to
  • Read/Unread status of all existing messages is preserved
  • Importing takes place automatically so you can continue using or logout while the import takes place in the background.
  • Auto configures ‘Send as Gmail’ under your new Outlook account, so you can continue sending emails as your old Gmail account
  • Import or subscribe to Google Calendar
  • Decide which Gmail labels you want to import & sort them into folders on
  • Still keep your Gmail account intact – just in case you decide not to use Outlook.
  • You can eventually use this service to kind of backup your Gmail messages on other equally stable cloud storage. Just in case, because you never know when you lose something.

How to move / migrate / backup your Gmail to needs your permission and authorize them to: View and manage your Gmail, view basic Google account information, manage Gmail contacts, view and send chat messages; using OAuth.

  • Click here for the Import Tool & sign-in using your email (if you don’t have any, make sure to create one). You can select whether to import all Gmail emails into new sub-folder, then choose ‘Options’ or click start


  • Then, sign-in using your Gmail account to grant access to this import tool.


  • The import will begin & you can configure email auto-forwarding from Gmail to


  • That’s all, it will happen in the background. You can log-out & come back later
  • You can refer to the Outlook help page to get more details on configurations

Watch the how-to video

Like said earlier, this might prove as a perfect solution some of the Gmail users are looking for & turn out to be a nice tool to switch to an equally qualitative personal email address. Hope this helps & do let us know what you think about this service or, share your experience with us via comments below.


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