New Gmail Feature: Send Emails in Background

Gmail is always giving us something new, interesting at the same time productive feature to look for and get benefited from. Such features make Gmail more attractive yet faster than previous. This time Google Labs have come up with a feature through which we can send emails in the background while we continue reading, composing other email messages. No need to wait until Gmail finishes sending an email. Save all these seconds of your work time.

This feature is very similar to what we use in MS Outlook or Thunderbird where we can continue reading other messages while sending emails in the background.

About Gmail Background Send

One of the most common delays happens after you hit that “Send” button, when you’re waiting patiently for a couple of seconds for Gmail to send your message. If you send a lot of email, that can add up to a lot of lost time.

To help give you that time back, there’s a new feature in Gmail Labs called Background Send.

New Gmail Feature: Send Emails in Background

How to Activate Gmail Background Send?

  1. Go to your Gmail’s Labs under settings once logged in. See here
  2. ‘Enable’ Background Send (See image below)

New Gmail Feature: Send Emails in Background

Additional Features

If anything goes wrong (maybe you got that email address wrong, or maybe your connection had a hiccup), you’ll see a warning message that prompts you to go back and fix the issue or try again later.

New Gmail Feature: Send Emails in Background

The “Send error” message will stay around until you decide to fix things, so you don’t have to stop whatever you’re doing right away.

New Gmail Feature: Send Emails in Background

The only catch is that you should wait for your mail to finish sending before you close Gmail or shut down your computer. If messages are still being sent in the background when you shut down, your messages are probably going to be lost. It’s a nice feature, especially for people sending many email messages in a day.

Source: Official Gmail Blog



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