Gmail’s Compose and Reply boxes got a new look. Try it out

In last week, Google (again) revamped its Gmail interface and made it like an app interface. It looks like a Web 2.0 application using HTML 5 and is somewhat close to Gmail app on Android Tablets.

Every new drastic change in anything that we’re comfortable with or have accustomed with, is more likely to get discarded easily. Gmail too is not an exception here. Many users did not upgrade to this new, cooler Gmail look fearing that, they might not be able to revert back to older user interface.

I did enable it but after using for almost a week – But, I felt the need of reverting back to older & dearer Gmail. Because, this new version is heavier in browser and page-scroll is not smooth enough. It requires that extra bit of milliseconds for mouse to complete a task (I guess, you’re getting what I am saying, right? :P)

So, for everyone who wish to see this new look yet need an option of reverting back OR for all those who are not liking Gmail’s new interface – here is how you can revert back to old Gmail.

  • Go to Settings icon (gear). The one which is below your Google account avatar.

Easily revert back to Gmail's Old Look from New Cool Interface

  • Click on it & select options from the drop-down where Comfortable is a default choice. Try changing to Cozy or Compact options to see if you like them. Or simply select ‘Revert to old look temporarily’

Easily revert back to Gmail's Old Look from New Cool Interface

  • Confirm the same in next pop-up

Easily revert back to Gmail's Old Look from New Cool Interface

Voila! You’re done. 🙂

Its nothing like I have discovered a new galaxy or something that sort – but just wanted to share this with everyone as I know, there are many people who didn’t know about it and there are few, those hate Gmail new look.

Though, reverting back is temporary and Gmail will anyway force us with a new interface in trying to have more responsive design – we can at least hope to get an interface that has a mass-appeal to it when launched.

Since this new UI change is in Beta stage, let’s go back to older look while Gmail team is working on delivering more improved version.

I am sure… we would like the newer version when it’s out from testing phase.

Update #1

Google has just started (December 8, 2011) rolling-out NEW GMAIL LOOK as default. If you’re not happy with this new UI then its still possible to turn that OFF as mentioned above. I just tried it.

Update #2 – April 19, 2012

Google, again started rolling-out the new look in various countries from last couple of days. I received few emails from readers about, not being able to see ‘revert back to old look’ option under the settings icon.

We’re getting about more than 1000+ people coming to this particular post to be able to get back the old interface & Google should understand from this is – users are not happy with the new look. It still needs a lot of improvements & should be lightweight.

I too, reverted back again two days ago using the same method mentioned above. So, for any reason – if you cannot seerevert back to old look as an option – I am afraid, that it won’t be possible for your account anymore.

Below is a latest confirmation of using an old look in Gmail.

Easily revert back to Gmail's Old Look from New Cool Interface

Update #3 : Give your suggestions to Google

You can post your suggestions to Google through Usability Survey here. Let Google know what you think or how you can help improve user experience.

Update #4: The change is permanent!

Recent Gmail look is probably permanent for people can’t see above options. We have to stick with it no matter, we like it or not! I suggest on using Compact style & works neat.

Update #5: Disable New Compose

Gmail recently updated accounts with new compose screen & reply boxes with revamped inline-UI. You can disable Gmail new compose temporarily. However, this transition will soon be made Permanent for all users very soon. You can read how to enable and disable Gmail’s new compose.

Hope this helps.


  1. I believe you have to actually OPEN an email message FIRST before the gear will display the option to Revert back is shown.

    •  @scottofc No, i don’t think so it is mandatory. May be for some it may work that way 🙂 – not sure as of now since I can see the gears icon above messages in inbox

    •  @LouisDennisLakiAjik You can’t see ! Can you share a screenshot of the same like above? I was able to see this two days ago & reverted back to old look again 😛

    •  @Robert_Rowshan i am not sure why you’re not able to see any option. it’s right there even now. i hope you can see a ‘gear’ icon on right-hand side above your inbox > a click on that should show you few options… & choose ‘revert back to old look temporarily’i did it yesterday again. 🙂

  2. Fail! The avatar and settings icons are NEXT to each on the top of the new Gmail interface.

    The settings icon only gives me three icons:

    Mail settings

    Mail help


    Mail help was no help

    The Mail settings gives me a new tabbed interface with 12 tabs



    Accounts and import


    Forwarding and POP/IMAP


    Web clips






    I cannot find Revert to the old look anywhere!


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