Samsung Mobile is all set to show the next GALAXY series device on May 3rd in London. The entire buzz on the Internet is expecting the Samsung Galaxy S III to be revealed – however, it still is a mystery on its own.

Last week, Samsung came up with a weird-looking domain name & a teaser website Incidentally, it is an anagram of ‘The Next Galaxy’.

This teaser website with a count-down timer was later taken offline – and came back with a revamped teaser.

The Next Galaxy Teaser website gets an update!

Instead of showing the count-down – the website now offers an opportunity to solve this anagram (indeed the answer is – The Next Galaxy) and then take the visitor to the newer website.

Since, it is a teaser – you should expect to get teased & instead of getting to know everything about the next galaxy right away. That’s not going to happen. And, this is the exact thing the teaser 2.0 website is about.

Basically, all you will get is – an option to get updates on the launch event. Sign-up with Facebook or Google account to get latest updates on the SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED 2012 event LIVE from London.

A new teaser promo video says, “You’ve got it all mixed up. Following technology blindly often gets you nowhere” – and this looks like another take on Apple (infamous rivals & close buyer-supplier friends) similar to their previous campaign to mock Apple as sheep.

Vodafone has indirectly confirmed the next galaxy device would be Galaxy SIII. The Galaxy SIII is expected to be announced as Official Phone for Olympics 2012. This is the same campaign, that Samsung was preparing for long time, and same reason the launch event was canceled last time.

The next GALAXY is expected to be a super powerful phone & is rumored to have S-Cloud feature similar to Apple’s iCloud.

Don’t miss the new teaser site and stay tuned for latest updates 🙂

Teaser Video

Download Wallpaper

Did you see the teaser website? Do you want the wallpaper used on the site? Here is a treat for you. The image below is the next galaxy wallpaper for all you Samsung fans out there. Enjoy 🙂

The Next GALAXY Wallpaper
The Next GALAXY wallpaper – Click image to download

Samsung’s Teaser Website:


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