These days, thinking about having an Internet connection for overseas travel is our one of the prime concerns just like having to deal with the money exchange & other important things.

During the flight journey, most Airline companies are providing the in-flight entertainment such as radio, movies, games and few others. However, in recent times, with all the new handy gadgets – urge to stay connected to the Internet & social networking websites is important for various reasons.

In-flight Wi-Fi connectivity is a need of the time & every one of us wants to ‘stay connected’ no matter where we are. Most overseas flights offer this service to their passengers on various levels & at different mode of subscriptions. Some of the airlines offer Wi-Fi connectivity for free, but others have multiple choices to offer based on per device usage, flat rate per device as well as per day, per hour & pay-as-you-go roaming tariff. Of course we never decide an airline for travel that offers free Wi-Fi, but understanding of these packages will keep you informed well before you travel.

Low-cost flight comparison website momondo has recently created an info-graphic guide on in-flight Wi-Fi services that you can bookmark & consider for your next trip. It includes prices for Wi-Fi connection service on flights for about 18 airlines, so techies can decide their preferred airline & its Internet subscription package upfront.

Below I am embedding the infographic. Don’t forget to share with your friends too.



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