As the tradition goes – for every new high-end smart phone – before every launch, we see tons of various rumors floating about the gadget. New iPhone 6 is no exception, despite the fact that, Apple has somewhat failed to impress its fan-boys by not offering any great makeover on outer iPhone body. People want to flaunt great phone designs as importantly as the internals.

We told you about the display sizes of Apple’s 2014 product lineup in an earlier post.

On Twitter, Sonny Dickson posted somewhat blurry images of the new possible iPhone 6 casing that’s in-place with the display size predictions reported earlier. If these photos are true, it also confirms using bezel design, slim size, and bigger display. The new iPhone 6’s slim look is inspired from the iPod Touch & the iPad Air.

These leaks do not confirm anything about the hardware specifications for both of the upcoming iPhone 6 models, 4.7″ & 5.7″ respectively; but from the casing, the use of a Home button with Touch ID sensors are certain & don’t align with the rumor of button less iPhone 6.

And looks like, iPhone 6 will continue to have the display in 16 x 9 aspect ratio.

Update: New images leaked again

Sonny Dickson, one of the most well-known & trusted source for any leaks related to gadgets, has released new images depicting the new iPhone 6. The new image shows iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 side by side. Note that, Dickson has released many images before the launch including the iPhone 5S last year & his leaks have a reputation of being very close to the real gadgets — most of the times.

So, here is what iPhone 6 will most probably look like.

iPhone 6 New Photos - Close to being real

iPhone 6

Update: New Leaks

More new prototypes of the new iPhone 6 surfaces. Here is a glimpse.


iPhone 6 Photo Leaks








iPhone 6 release date is expected sometime in Q2 2014 & I think the company may decide to launch the phone earlier than the usual schedule. It’s unclear whether Apple will release it with the iOS 8 or the iOS 7.1; because, picking any of these two also completely changes the time when the phone arrives.

Update: Design Drawing & Realistic Renders

Here are a couple of images that might interest you. One if a design drawing for the new iPhone 6 which is apparently getting leaked from Foxconn unit & the other one is a render of the same design concept posted by



Whatever it is, 2014 is going to be Apple’s year – with the new iWatch launch in October, Apple HDTV & new iPads set for the launch. If you have any specific information, question or thoughts – do share all these in comments below.


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