Uncover social connections locally with people nearby via Sonar app

Did you ever wonder who these people are when looking around while you reach on a train station, airport, conference room, event, restaurant or parks? Am I connected to these people in any way? Are they friends with my friends? What could be the common thing between us so that we can decide to start conversation about it?

Did s/he was part of my college? Is s/he in the same profession or hobbies as I do? Who are these people? How am I connected to these people or not?

If you think one or all of above questions are familiar and worth finding an answer then read ahead. 🙂

Sonar.Me brings awesome geo-location based social networking to iPhone (and soon on Android) where we can easily find publicly available social networking profiles (Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter) of the people near by us on any location.

The only catch is – all of them should be using Sonar.Me to be able to connect but that’s understandable because we need a mediator that will connect us and that’s why Sonar is created.

We can only read publicly available profile information that is set to friends or friends-of-friends on Facebook, Twitter privacy settings. Sonar is adding more social networking websites in addition to Facebook and Twitter very soon. Another best part is – it will not post anything on our social networking profiles without our permission. So we don’t need to worry about it.

Uncover social connections locally with people nearby via Sonar app

What is Sonar

Sonar is a mobile application that uncovers the hidden connections you share with people nearby. We bottle the 1000s of connections that you miss every day- friends, friends of friends, fellow alumni, like-minded strangers- and put them in the palm of your hand. Sonar helps you use the information you share about yourself online to connect with the person sitting next to you.

Sonar can also help businesses, brands and events to learn more and connect to their customers, audiences. Such information is available on contact request to Sonar.

Sonar helps you discover and connect with

  • Friends and friends of friends
  • Twitter friends and followers
  • Business contacts and colleagues
  • Fellow alumni
  • like-minded singles


Uncover social connections locally with people nearby via Sonar app

Download Link

Sonar is available for iPhone, iPod and iPad with iOS 4.2 or higher on iTunes App Store here for Free.

Sonar app for Android is under development and should be available soon.



I just loved this app because it is easy to use and real quick to find connections using my geo-location using Internet. It would be really cool to discover such connections in near-by areas. I might find my old school friend whom I wouldn’t have recognized immediately otherwise.

I also think there is no point in having iPhone only app. Sonar should launch Android, Blackberry & Nokia apps really soon to justify the motive of this service because not everyone is using an iPhone.

Source Website: Sonar.Me


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