Yesterday was an important Valentine’s Day in the world to express their love & with growing online shopping opportunities; people are buying gifts online more than ever. India’s one of the leading shopping website has published an inforgraphic showcasing; top regions, cities, most preferred gifts & favorite items among different age groups.

This information does not carry a high level of details like percentile stats for each & every section; however, it’s good enough to give an overview of likes of people, that most upcoming, smaller e-commerce websites would like to know.

Top states of India to buy gifts for Valentine’s were Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh & West Bengal; and top cities of these states were Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat, Ahmedabad. These are the cities that have the greatest exposure to the Internet with better connectivity & awareness.

The most favorite gift items people ordered online were (most preferred to least) Flowers, Chocolates, Accessories, Jewelry, Lingerie, Watches, Cakes & Electronics. Of course, different age groups & genders had different preferences for the items.

As for spending for the V-day is concerned, the majority of the people decided to buy items with a moderate budget of maximum INR 5000 (Approx. US$85). Everyone who preferred online shopping for the Valentines, used it for the following main reasons

  • Convenience – nobody likes to go into the heavy traffic, especially on work weekdays
  • Huge variety of products are available at the fingertips through various online portals
  • It saves plenty of time
  • Great surprise gift opportunity is possible by shipping items to different addresses
  • Chances are high to get a big savings coupon code



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