Websites For Students To Cut Costs on Supplies

College life is synonymous with being broke; it’s just something we’ve come to accept. But with a few smart decisions when you’re buying supplies for your next educational adventure, you can fully submerge yourself in the lifestyle that college has to offer. You may even be able to put some money to one side, too, which will put you in good stead for later life. So, how do you do it? We’ve put together a few top tips to get you started.

Buy Items in Bulk from Boxed

Entering into a new living environment means that not only will you have lots of house supplies to purchase, but you’ll have a group of new friends, too. Deciding to buy groceries in bulk as a household can save you money in the long run, leaving you with more cash to spend on the things you really want. Boxed helps you save time and money by delivering your bulk items for free to your house, too.

Items like toilet paper, tinned foods and even fresh food multipacks can all be stored for use at a later date.

Get Student Discounts from UNiDAYS

The end of summer brings the back-to-school rush, meaning one thing… sales! This is a brilliant time to head into stores or check online to see what offers are available to you. Many companies will have student-specific deals, helping you get started for your college career. You can keep a lookout for these using websites like UNiDAYS which offer student discounts on everything, from clothing and food to hobbies and electronics.

January is also a great time to get your hands on a bargain as stores make way for inventory for the next season, knocking down the prices of their current stock.

Sell Gadgets You Don’t Need on eBay

Been wondering what to do with your old camera from high school, or your last three cell phones? Selling them with the help of sites like eBay for even a small amount of cash helps you clear out space and gives you a monetary reward. The more recent the device, the more cash you could get.

Clearing out your old room in your parents’ house could also be a good move to top up your bank balance. Selling clothes and objects you no longer wear or use in a yard sale helps you declutter your life, both mentally and physically. The top yard sale tips and tricks include getting a permit, remembering to advertise in your neighborhood (e.g. placing classified ads), preparing your change, and being sure to greet shoppers when they come towards your stalls.

Trade Your Old Textbooks With WeBuyBooks

Many former students are left with piles of books that cost them a small fortune but they no longer use. Buying used textbooks from garage sales or other students is a smart way to avoid shelling out for brand new books. Furthermore, renting books and using e-books if they’re available can cut costs even further. You can even get free e-books from places like Google eBookstore and

If you do have a collection of books you no longer need, you could pass the savings on to somebody else. By selling your old textbooks either directly to other students you know in person or to dedicated online platforms like WeBuyBooks, you can earn yourself a nice little allowance, perfect for keeping up the college lifestyle you desire.

Browse Refurbished Laptop Deals on RefurbMe

It isn’t just books that you can save cash on; you can cut costs on your laptop, too. Many students opt for a MacBook over any other laptop because of its light weight, reliability, and ease of use. Its battery life (it can last all day) also makes it ideal for college students on the go, without access to mains electricity. However, MacBooks typically come with a hefty price tag. Now, though, a lot of students will buy a refurbished Apple laptop rather than opting for a brand new piece of kit. These second-hand laptops have been tested and work like new, but it could potentially save students hundreds of dollars.

RefurbMe lists deals of these refurbished MacBooks, allowing you and your fellow students to compare prices, warranty periods and cosmetic quality (either good or excellent). You can even see if the laptop you’ve chosen has free shipping. You should take full advantage of the many refurbished devices on offer, after all, your brand new MacBook can only give you so much comfort when you’re alone on a Friday night with an empty bank account.

Armed with this money-saving knowledge, you’re ready to tackle your college career in style without bankrupting yourself. Go forth and enjoy thrifty college life and feel very pleased about the savings you’re making!