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As you might already know, from OLX India is one of the websites, which became popular in India in a minor.  Actually, the site has changed the way we buy, sell used things, and hence exploited the broker community by making them lose their job. However, the website, which was established by OLX India, is a great platform, especially if you are an active internet user, who used to spend hours in front of your Smartphone or computer. In that case, however, you do not have to follow the old concept of brokers and brokerage when you have to sell or buy one product. Instead, it would take only a few seconds you to post advertisements in the renowned online classified advertisement site and to receive buyer offers from around the globe.

At the same time, when you are searching for a second-hand product, you can just browse through the advertisements and find out the most right product for you. In addition, you might be familiar with the TV campaigns, which had simply proved the relevance of the site through conveying their motto ‘just sell’ (If you are interested in watching such funny advertisements, you can subscribe to OLX YouTube Channel). Moreover, there were bunches of reasons, which lead into the path of success. Major features of the mentioned advertisement network are as follows and we hope these reasons are enough for any internet users to leave old methods of buying and selling and to shift to the new one.

100% FREE

Just like all other parts of our world, the word ‘free’ has an undefined attracting power when it comes to the case of For instance, you will have to pay a specific amount of fee, which is popular as the brokerage, when you sell or buy one product through the broker. However, when it comes to the online classified advertisement website, this is simple because you hardly have to pay anything to the website for publishing the advertisement in the site. Instead, you just have to create a free account, so that you would be able to publish as many ads as you want. Therefore, this is quite a good reason for the success of OLX.

Usability Matters

When compared to other websites, which offer the same service, OLX. in has an ultra-simple user interface, with which you can publish the desired advertisements in a matter of seconds. It does simply mean that any user can use the service for publishing dynamic advertisements, which would be browsed by rest of Indian customers. You will have to just provide the title, description and the image to publish the post, and the advertisement will be visible on the website instantly.  Of course, the simplicity in user interface is also attracting users towards the service.

Privacy Makes Sense is much concerned about the privacy of users as well as advertisements they publish on the website. This does mean that you have the power of privacy when you use the service for publishing advertisements. In the current situation, when the world is running behind privacy issues and their consequences, privacy protection is a big deal indeed.

I would suggest on using a phone number that is real, yet something that’s only used for business purposes. This will help greatly in keeping private numbers, separate from the public websites.

Mobile Support

It seems like has also understood the people’s preference among mobile devices and PCs. Hence, they have published dedicated applications for Android and iOS so that users can use their iPhone, iPod or any other Android-powered Smartphone for browsing and publishing the advertisements. This movement is quite useful since users are able to use the in-built camera of those devices to attach relevant images to their posts and hence make it even intuitive.


Though the OLX plays a small role of a mediator, we have to consider the reliability of the service since you have concerns about the product, you are going to buy or sell. In that sense, it will never break your expectations because it is coming from a prominent international company. Though you might think that it’s an Indian local company, which hails from a local place, it is an internationally established company. The company offers the same, reliable service in multiple countries, accompanied by a wide range of language support. In addition, the support for local languages is something great because one needs not to be aware about to English to handle the website and hence to browse or publish the advertisements.

What is your opinion about Do you use the website for buying and selling your products? Do let us hear you through comments.

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