Why You Should Choose JotForm Mobile Forms For Offline Data Collection

As more and more businesses make the jump to the online space, data collection plays an ever-increasing role in their business expansion plans. However, even if your business focuses on the online market, sometimes you may have to reach customers who live in rural areas where internet access can be patchy and, in some cases, nonexistent.

Modern data-collection apps fail miserably in this scenario, as most of them depend on an internet connection to store the data you’ve collected. The alternate solution in areas of intermittent internet connectivity is to use paper forms, but that involves a lot of extra work entering the data in the central database. Plus, there’s always the risk of losing physical data or even human error creeping in while copying the data from one form to another.

So what’s the solution in such cases? JotForm has one on their hands, their new product — JotForm Mobile Forms. This app specializes in large-scale and in-depth data collection in remote areas where the loss of internet connectivity is common. 

In today’s piece, we are going to discuss three compelling reasons why you should give their new forms app a try.

1) Offline data syncing and storage

The main problem with most app-based mobile data-collection systems is that they need an internet connection to store the data in the cloud. This is where JotForm Mobile Forms differs from the competition. 

The JotForm app can save data on a mobile device, and once connectivity is restored, it syncs all the data in a central database. This is not only effective but also helps in streamlining workflow as there is no extra hassle involved in moving the data from a physical to a digital copy. Everything is done seamlessly and can be accessed and downloaded at a moment’s notice.

2) Availability and cross-platform collaboration possibilities

JotForm Mobile Forms is available on iOS as well as Android devices, which means that you can access the data from virtually anywhere in the world using just about any device. 

Cross-platform collaboration also opens up huge possibilities as different team members from various time zones working on different devices can all access the data. 

JotForm Mobile Forms allows you to create and assign forms on the go, which makes it very easy for managers and owners to stay on top of the business and assign-mission critical tasks as quickly as possible.

3) Industry-leading features

The JotForm Mobile Forms app has a special kiosk mode that allows customers to fill out a form on your device and then automatically refreshes the form so that the next person in line can fill out the form. Not only that, kiosk mode locks your device so that customers can’t access any of your other apps. 

The forms on the JotForm app are hugely customizable. Respondents can attach everything from images and voice recordings to geolocation info. And form creators can include everything from barcodes that customers can scan to e-signature fields.

It’s an amalgamation of these feature sets, combined with JotForm’s years of experience in creating state-of-the-art data-collection apps, that make us believe the new JotForm Mobile Forms is the next big step in the world of mobile data collection.

Make sure to take full advantage of this free data collection tool and download it for Android and iOS devices.