Tech Trends That Are Changing Entertainment

Entertainment and entertainment media is directly linked to technology and the way that we utilize it. From the evolution of gaming consoles to arcade gaming, tech has always correlated with the way we play, and this is still the case, with many tech trends now and in the future starting to innovate the gaming and entertainment world beyond recognition.


Online Casinos 


Where once you would have had to step into a betting shop or go to bingo night at your local hall to gamble, there are now many online casinos which can help to make gambling easier for you. These utilize the latest technology to allow you to see the latest odds, live sporting results, and attach your Paypal or another payment account for your winnings to be directed into.

These are innovative in the world of gambling as they allow you to bet from any location- even from the safety of your own home- and when you are doing anything, making it easier to make a bet when you are watching the match at home. Unibet brings together the best of online casinos to allow you to play games such as poker and bingo, make sporting bets, and take part in casino tournaments with one click of your mouse. 


Streaming Websites


Streaming websites have also changed the way that we use technology as entertainment, allowing us to access music, movies, and television shows whenever we want, mostly at a small cost per month. These subscription-based companies are expanding, with many large companies such as Amazon and Google decided to create their own streaming channels for their patrons to access at any time. This has changed the face of television and movies, with much fewer people deciding to buy DVDs or television licenses, relying instead on the advantages of streaming websites which have created the latest craze of binge-watching television


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence has changed the way that entertainment works by allowing large companies to personalize entertainment through algorithms, such as Netflix’s recommendations lists which suggest the next programs that their patrons should watch. It is also impacting how movies are created, with tasks becoming automated, such as storyboard generation and syncing clips

In the future, artificial intelligence could make more of an impact, with computer-created characters taking over from real actors or computer-driven characters in video games that change according to the human player’s playing style. 


AR and VR


AR and VR also have an impact on the entertainment industry. VR driven gaming equipment allows users to immerse themselves within a game from their living room, giving them a surround and 3D experience that rivals the 2D experience of traditional games consoles. 




The acceleration of mobile technology and applications has also changed the way that we game, with many people now opting to play games on their mobile phones using free downloadable software. These games are adapted to be addictive, and many are now starting to interact with the environment and location around us.