5 Ways to Combine Social Distancing with Keeping Track of Studies

Just a couple of weeks ago, the reality we are living in now seemed to be nothing more than a perfect scenario for a horror movie or a thriller. Hollywood could and have made millions on envisioning that the countries would be forced to close borders and patrol cities.

The world will definitely change after this pandemic. Social distancing will be the norm for quite a long time. Nowadays, scientists say that it can take as many as eight months to stop the outbreak. Probably, the invention of a vaccine against COVID-2019 will help going back to the way things were before.

However, today, we are much more privileged than Europeans who lived a hundred years ago during the pandemic of influenza virus. This is largely due to the Internet technologies that let many of us work and study at home.

Many students should see this quarantine as the best time to concentrate on things they did not have time for. For example, if you purchased an online course or wanted to attend a webinar, there is no time better than now.

Specialists from a reputable academic writing platform who have always provided their services online claim that distance learning is the new normal. The earlier students get used to it, the more thriving outcomes it will bring about.

So, the question is how you can combine social distancing with studies. Here are several handy recommendations for any learner.

5 Ways to Combine Social Distancing with Keeping Track of Studies

Online or Remote Education

Given the necessity to continue the learning process, many universities across the globe started developing their own online learning platforms. For some of them, however, there was nothing new about it.

Many educational institutions have already been providing learners with online degrees. Thus, letting other full-time students join the platform was a logical thing to do. For others, online education has become a real challenge.

Anyway, for now, this is the only thing that can keep you busy with studying while making sure you observe social distancing, stay home, and maintain your health.

TV-Based Distance Learning

Many countries affected by the COVID-19 outbreak launched TV-based distance learning programs. Such lessons are available to millions of primary, secondary, and high-school students at a certain specified time.

Such TV lessons may not be that much effective as the traditional ones are, but they definitely help learners keep track of studies. In-person instruction in the US institutions is expected to start so sooner than on Tuesday, April 14.

Online Courses and Webinars

For those interested in going the extra mile with their studies, lots of platforms offering online courses opened free programs.

For example, Coursera for Campus has made it possible for students to access as many as 3,800 courses free of charge.

People who are not enrolled in any university may use the benefits of other platforms like Udemy. There are also free lessons offered, but the opportunity to get a certification is limited unless you purchase the course.

Free Museum Tours

Even though you cannot visit museums and galleries physically, there is still an opportunity to visit them virtually. Luckily, current technologies make it possible.

The world’s most famous cultural institutions welcome visitors with virtual tours. The list of them goes on and on, featuring such famous museums as the Louvre and the Hermitage.

Google’s Art & Culture platform has established partnerships with many museums worldwide. Soon, we all will have an opportunity to walk in the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Vatican Museums without the need to stay in the queue.

You can attend concert halls, opera houses, philharmonic halls, theaters, and other venues virtually as well.

Teamwork and Communication Tools

To make sure that learning outcomes are not compromised, students and professors can engage in private group conferences. They can use Zoom, Skype, and other software. This will help in making training available to many while remaining sticking to the student-centric approach.

Education is in crisis, and tools like Trello, Slack, and others can help teachers keep track of their students’ progress.

As a student, you will be able to manage a calendar and minimize the detrimental effects of the outbreak on your academic success.

Teamwork and Communication Tools

Wrapping Up

The world has not been prepared for the pandemic of such magnitude. Also, it was not prepared for the measures that the governments were forced to take to prevent further spread of the disease.

Education still heavily relies on social interaction. It is hard to organize the learning process while ensuring social distancing. However, the global experience proves that it is possible.

The modern telecommunication technologies help millions of students keep track of their studies. Also, they allow people to keep themselves busy while staying home and can get thesis writing help online.

Take care of yourself and your health during these difficult times. At the same time, do not give this virus an opportunity to steal your time. Maximize value by taking advantage of all opportunities available online.


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