Top 7 Features to Look for in an Online Video Player

It is obvious to say that everyone watches videos today. Children as young as 2 and people as old as 100 use video every day. Video can be used to educate one another, for business needs, in the advertisement, for entertainment purposes and to remain connected, so it is essential to ensure that you have the best online video player to suit your needs, whatever they might be. With a multitude of online video players out there all competing for your attention, so we have narrowed down our top 7 must-have features to look for within an online video player to help you chose the perfect choice for you.

Universal format support

One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you commit to an online video player is that it is incompatible with certain file formats. This is not only annoying, but it wastes your time having to change the format of your video and remember – the time is money.

Multi-device compatibility

With a massive amount of website views coming from smartphones, it would be a mistake to commit to an online video player that does not have multi-device compatibilities. Always ensure that your video will be easily visible on both desktop and mobile devices for maximum video views.

Advanced analytics

It is always important to gauge the response that your video receives, that is why advanced analytics is important. Advanced analytics gives you insight into what types of videos are doing well and those that have less impact, allowing you to adjust your video style where necessary.

Ease of use

It is not logical to make use of an online video player that is so complicated that you cannot understand how to make it function to your needs. You should find an online video player that needs minimal setup, takes only minutes to upload your video and allows for easy editing when necessary.

Embedded video recording

In some cases, it is easiest to record directly into your online video player. This way, you can ensure the video size, frame, lighting and sound are as they should be, saving you time, in the long run, to focus on more important things.


Many businesses upload their videos to YouTube and share the video onto their page. Sure, this method is simplistic, but it is also unprofessional.  While YouTube may be a cheap alternative, it has very little functionality and provides minimal control over your video. An online video player should allow you the capabilities of branding, security, analytics and performance tracking, all without the addition of advertisements taking away from your video’s purpose.


Something that everyone needs in life is affordability. It is important, however, to balance affordability with quality. Do not let your choice be determined solely based on price. You also need an online video player that suits your individual needs or you are not spending your money wisely.


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