Every Drop of Life Matters: 7 Contributing Factors Why Your Smartphone’s Battery Life May Drain Out Fast

There aren’t many people who’d say that they’re happy with how long their phone batteries last. In fact, the majority of smartphone users are always complaining, saying they could do with more powerful batteries.

You don’t need a more powerful battery. What you need is a strategy to guard against fast battery drainage. The good is that we know exactly why your battery might be dying out so fast!

That overly bright screen

Screen brightness is one of the top causes of quick battery drain-out. According to one study by luculent systems, the brightness of smartphone and laptop screens is inversely proportional to battery life. This means that the brighter your screen is, the faster your battery will get depleted. Reducing the brightness of your screen is, therefore, the first step to preserving battery life.

Constantly searching for Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t like cheap or even free Wi-Fi? Not only are some of these wireless networks faster, but they are also more convenient and allow you to save on monthly data bills. Unfortunately, if your phone is set to seek nearby Wi-Fi networks, your battery will suffer. If you want the battery to last longer, turn off that option.

Endless notifications

If your phone keeps blowing with notifications, your battery is guaranteed to drain out fast. Why? Because each notification wakes up the phone and sometimes even causes the screen to light up. The more frequently this happens, the faster the battery is used up. To avoid or minimize this problem, turn off notifications on non-crucial apps.

Apps running in the background

This happens on pretty much all smartphones by default. Pokemon Go, for instance, is designed to run in the background so players can easily pick up where they left. You need to disable this setting if you want longer battery life. Just remember to check the details of each app first before disabling it. You don’t want to shut critical applications accidentally.

Non-stop of the phone

While the phone is meant to be used, spending the entire day on your phone takes a toll on battery life pretty quickly. If you spend the entire day on Facebook, for instance, your battery is guaranteed to drain out fast. It gets worse if you’re constantly running multiple tasks simultaneously. Listening to music while playing a mobile game, for instance, will quickly drain your battery.  

Resource-intensive apps

It doesn’t matter how powerful your phone is, installing several resource-intensive apps will eat up your charge in no time. YouTube, for instance, consumes battery charge very fast. The same applies to high-resolution games. You don’t have to delete all the apps in this category. Just keep them to a minimum. Install only a few and use the few only occasionally.

Software and hardware problems

Finally, bugs and hardware malfunction are another reason your battery may be draining out fast. Out-of-date Operating Systems, in particular, consume a lot more battery power compared to up-to-date, more efficient OSs. To resolve these issues, ensure that your phone is up-to-date and optimally functioning hardware-wise.

Over to You

You now know why your phone keeps dying out first. If you can fix these seven issues, you won’t be complaining about a fast-draining battery anymore.