5 Unique Ideas To Add To Your Content Marketing Workflow

In the past, marketing was thought of in terms of “campaigns”. These were one-off marketing strategies that had a clearly defined target audience. The objective was simply to get more people buying a product or service. There were minimal brand interaction and little thought of repeat business.

Modern marketing strategies have come a long way since then. Content marketing involves building a community around your brand. It leads to increased brand trust, a stronger relationship with consumers and ultimately, a steady stream of repeat business.

But with almost everyone investing in content marketing and striving to produce engaging content around which they can build a community, how can your marketing efforts stand out? Here are five unique ideas to add to your content marketing workflow.

The Power of Images

Social media is rapidly changing. Facebook users are declining. Instagram and Pinterest are exploding. This tells content marketers that visual content is prevailing.

Photos now drive engagement across social media outlets. Therefore, your content should be image-focused to produce maximum engagement and increase brand reach.


There are few better ways to cash in on this shift to images than by producing photo collages. These collages can tell a narrative through images that can convey more complex messages than one photo. Use an online collage maker to build your collage and share it across social media.

A Video Series

Every day, users watch more than 500 million hours of video on YouTube. Every month, more content is uploaded to YouTube than the major US TV networks have created in decades. The platform has enormous marketing potential that can be tapped into through the creation of an engaging video series.

Each brand will need to explore the style and format of the video that works for them. However, some generally successful video series includes a video series of interviews with staff, customer testimonials and real-life stories.

A Free Course

An online course is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate to your community that your company is an industry leader. It demonstrates that you have the necessary expertise to teach others your craft.

A subscription-based e-course that addresses a very specific problem is an excellent way to broaden your brand’s influence and build an online community of learners and consumers. Don’t include your brand in a pushy, sales way. Your learners will see right through it and it will be off-putting.

Instead, just focus on putting together an engaging and useful course and include subtle brand recalls where appropriate.

An E-Book

Like a subscriber-only course, an e-book helps demonstrate your brand’s authority in the field. It helps shape industry ideas and will help your emergence and an industry leader.

If your regular blog posts are part of your content marketing workflow (and they should be), you already have most of the content for an e-book. Use your 5 or 10 most popular blog posts and find a common theme. Then you have your book’s topic. Then you can simply expand the posts to form chapters. Package it all up as an e-book and it is ready to be released.