January is a Great Time to Find a Mobile Deal

If you know where to search any month of the year is likely to offer some exciting deals for mobile phones but January is the best of all. The sales market for buying new smartphones reaches a fever pitch in the weeks immediately before Christmas. Many smartphones are purchased as gifts and once the new year starts there is a flood of used bargains waiting to be snapped up. A quick look at a comparison site such as Compare My Mobile will show you how many high-quality second-hand phones suddenly appear in January.

Searching for a New Mobile?

Searching for a New Mobile?

Purchasing a new phone with no upfront cost means entering a contract for around two years. Even then some schemes include a small fee that acts as a deposit towards the cost of the handset and to start off the contract. Taking all the payments into account, purchasing a mobile through a two-year plan usually works out to be much more expensive than if you bought the phone outright. But with so many models achieving a new listing price of up to £1,000 it’s easy to understand why many people feel plans are necessary.

But, there are alternative ways to save money. Don’t immediately dismiss the idea of searching for a refurbished second-hand mobile until you have found out a few facts. You might be surprised at the positive benefits to be gained particularly towards your bank balance.

Constant Mobile Updates

The first thing to be aware of is that dedicated smartphone enthusiasts are desperate to have the latest models with the brightest innovations and gadgets as well as the prestige of having the newest phone available. Mobile manufacturers create high-quality products that will last for years but to encourage new sales they launch updated versions within months of unveiling their last. Think of how many versions are in Samsung’s Galaxy series or the catalog of Apple iPhones.

Finding a refurbished model can often mean a reduction in the upfront cost of up to half the original price and yet the model may only be a few months old.

Why Choose a Refurbished Mobile?

A refurbished smartphone is by no means an old, ill-used phone. Some can even be brand new but have been traded in for a different version of the same thing. Purchasing a refurbished mobile through a reputable marketplace brings the advantages of acquiring a high-quality phone that has been thoroughly put through its paces by a fully-qualified, experienced technician to check it is in good working order. Its functions and capabilities will be exactly as described so it can be an ideal way of buying into advanced technology at a fraction of the original cost.

The only difference you may notice with a second-hand phone is a scuff mark or two on the exterior although most phones are kept protected by covers so any damage should be minimal.

How to Reduce Your Costs

Searching for a refurbished model can drastically reduce your overall costs. On average the price of a second-hand mobile reduces by around £100 or more every year when purchased privately. A refurbished phone bought through a reliable comparison site usually offers even greater significant savings. To purchase a phone with no upfront cost you will need a long-term contract which will probably turn out more expensive.