Adobe Systems recently released the most awaited feature to its Flash Player 10.2 which is in Beta stage but promises something great. According to Adobe Lab, the newest version of its Flash Player 10.2 includes  Stage Video feature that can give high-performance video playback which uses near Zero percent of the CPU.

Flash Player always had bad playback rate issues on different computers when played in full-screen because it was using processor power. Due to this,  performance was decreasing while CPU load was increasing during the playback.

Other interesting features which were demanded by many users was – to have playback capability on multiple monitors. Thus, users can now play their videos or Flash content through this newer Flash Player in true full-screen mode on either of the monitors & still can continue to work on the other.

Adobe has developed a GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) accelerated with Stage Video that now push entire load to a video rendering unit of your Graphic Processor. Hence, you can playback H.264 videos decoded with hardware, but other conversions & scaling is handled by the GPU.

One more feature is that, the developers can define custom native mouse cursors & enable user experience enhancements while simultaneously getting the benefits of improved performance.

What this means is, your video hardware will take care of video decoding, scaling & colors. Shifting this load on to the GPU will result in CPU utilization for (even) 1080p video will be close to nothing.

All the web developers would need to update their APIs for video players on their websites with this newer version. No other video decoding or changes needed for the websites.

This beta is not a replacement for the other version Flash Player Square.

I think Mr. Steve Jobs & Apple should like this feature and allow Flash on is because CPU load was the primary reason for not allowing Flash on mobile devices from Apple. (I can’t describe how badly we need Flash on iOS. Probably the only drawback of iDevices). I hope you too were looking for this feature on Flash Player. Have you used it? Let me know your experience with it.


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