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Some of us wondered why is Facebook not having its own email address! But, people like me – felt good not to have such email address since, we’re already using other email services for communication purpose as well as for a Facebook account. There is a good news from the other side of the users who wanted such email address.

Facebook may launch their own e-mail service on Monday 15th Nov. 2010. Though there is no official press release available to confirm this news.

It is likely that Facebook may show it during the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. People wanted this feature to easily manage, send emails with attachments and Facebook wanted this feature to compete with full strength against Google. How successful both will be, only time can tell.

The project nicknamed as Project Titan. The launch event of Facebook’s own e-mail service keeps low profile now. Let us see how this goes. Send in your thoughts on having email I will be glad to know.

Facebook Addresses Update #1 (April 15, 2012)

I wrote this post more than a year ago and believe me, Facebook has changed itself in multiples since then. We have seen many new features being added on to this popular social networking platform. Recently on April 12, 2012 – Facebook silently announced another major change in the system. Something very similar to what we have on Google+.

Now, addresses on Facebook would be consistent throughout the site. Which means, we will have our own @Facebook address attached to the account on this site and people can find, email us through the same.

No matter which email address you’ve used to sign-up for Facebook – you will have to get the own @Facebook email address for simple communication / branding purpose. We can also call this as a Facebook Timeline Address. I guess the same can be used for the Facebook logins

This Facebook’s new feature seems more like trying to create a Facebook+.. The news about the same can be found on Facebook Newsroom

Email ?

Discontinued Email

Facebook announced that, they’ve discontinued the email service. However, I have tested whether they have disabled sending emails to @facebook IDs — but that’s not true as yet. Emails are received very well in time & are visible under Facebook messages.

Just thought of letting you know


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